Amazing Thrill!

I'd had great open-air sex with my girlfriend in some bushes near Beachy Head. We'd got dressed and I was picking our stuff up when she called my name softly. I turned round and she was holding her short, pleated brown skirt up around her waist - and she wet her panties. When she'd finished she took her wet panties off and gave them to me. Several times as we walked back to her car she flashed her bare *** at me and to strangers.

Once, walking back to a camp-site from the pub ... my partner was walking ahead with a male friend, while I walked with his wife. She suddenly said she had to pee. I must have been so drunk - I asked if I could watch! And she laughed and said "Yes, if you like." And she squatted down, and i knelt down and watched her pee really close up.

56-60, T
1 Response Feb 15, 2010

That is so cute! My hubby can't get enough of wearing my wet panties.