Redhead Pee

I told my first girlfriend how much l would love to watch her pee and she always obliged.  She always wore a sundress with no bra or panties underneath, so if she ever needed to pee or flash her boobs she always could.  I remember several instances of her peeing for me, but the most memorable was when we went to a large mall and we went up to the top level of their parking ramp.  We were on foot, and she led me to the middle of the entire level, there were some cars around but not many.  At this point I didn't know what she wanted, but then she motioned for me just to stop where l was, she stepped back one step and slowly pulled up her dress, exposing her juicy *****.  Her ***** was hairy but trimmed nicely, and since she was a redhead I loved the red pubes.. she slowly squatted and spread her legs and as she did her labia spread and l could see her **** was throbbing just a bit.  She was wet even before she started peeing.  Then, she just unleashed and held her dress out of the way while the hot **** streamed out of her *****.  I got a ***** right away and just started rubbing my **** over my clothes just watching her ****, knowing someone could drive up at any time.  When she finished her pee she reached into my pants and grabbed my **** and stroked it while we walked towards the mall.  It was a great day.

leakeyrodent leakeyrodent
31-35, M
Feb 20, 2010