Sleepover Pee Holding Contest

When I was about 13 or 14, i was at a slumber party with a bunch of friends from school. We'd managed to get one of the girls older brothers to get us a 6-pack of beer which we'd shared between 5 girls. Pretty soon we were playing Truth, Dare or Command and one of the early dares was that no one was allowed to use the loo. An hour later or so, the beer was working on all of us and the dare's had gotten a bit more sexual in nature which didn't help anyone's urge to pee.

By 11pm we were all a bit drunk, mostly topless and holding our crotches needing to pee. I remember my friend Sarah was the first to wet herself - she was hopping around and moaning, when suddenly she went very quiet and we all noticed a stream running down her legs. She started crying in shame and I went to hug her. As I pulled her close I felt the warmth still running down her legs, wetting my bare legs and it was too much, I lost it and  started wetting myself too - Sarah started giggling and asked me to please stop peeing on her, but I couldn't hold it anymore, and my legs felt weak, so I just held on to her and let it go, one of my other friends decided this was a fun game and gave us a group hug before letting herself go too and pretty soon all 5 of us were standing in a group hug, peeing on each other.

It was a bit disgusting and a bit weird, but since then I've always had a thing for peeing on other people and being pee'd on. 

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4 Responses Mar 2, 2010

That is soooo awesome!! Haha lucky you! I've never been so lucky to get see a girl pee herself.I wish I could get a girl to wet her pants for me/ on me before sex. That would be the best but I don't really know how I'd go about that. This fetish is tad embarrassing to bring up lol :p

That's wot friends are for! ;-P

What a great experience! thanks for sharing

thank you mdawg :)