I Love To See A Girl's Butt Crack

I remember the first time I saw I girl's butt crack. I was a 14 year old high school freshman. I saw this girl walk into the school building wearing really low rise jeans and a shirt that just came up to the waist of her jeans. She had the bottom locker next to mine so she had to squat down to open it. As she started to squat I watched as about 2 inches of her crack began to show. I got really turned on by this and thought it was sexy. This girl really made my first year of high school feel awesome since this happened all the time. Since I had this experience I love seeing girls butt cracks and even had a few send me pics of their butt cracks. Would any of you girls be willing to send me a pic of your butt crack?
Thegoodguy Thegoodguy
22-25, M
Nov 1, 2010