I Love Accidental Crack!

I love when a girl's pants are too low and she accidently shows her crack. It's so sexy, especially when she doesn't know. I was out with some friends a little while ago and we were going out to a party. I have a friend who likes to wear somewhat revealing clothing but only on her top, She doesn't have large breasts or anything but she always wears really low cut shirts so that when she bends down you can actually see her nipple. She is a little chubby, with light brown hair. We were driving to the party & we were sitting the back seat. When we got there she went to get out I could see her crack. She never bothered to pull her pants up, I guess she didn't feel it & I wasn't about to tell her. I wanted to see! She was wearing a short shirt that only touched the top of her jeans. So, when her crack was showing you could see it all & so could everyone else. We walked from the driveway to the party and I was staring at her but she had cute little dimples on either side of her crack and just a bit of visible peach fuzz. My fun was ruined when our other friend told her to pull her pants up!
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I LOVE when they don't know it's showing ;) hehe

I see plenty of butt cracks when I go clubbing especially at bars getting sitting down kind of drunk some of them don't know they are showing butt cracks other ones do but they just don't care cause they are to drunk or maybe they just like to tease the way. I like when ever they bend to the front you get to see their butt cracks and panties all the way up to their ***..I always enjoy the view ..

I wish that I could've seen that. I'd love to show you mine. :) Please add me.

Happy to add you! I love seeing it.

Thank you. :)

Leigh, I love butt cleavage, especially when the girl is wearing a thong and the whale tail is showing above her pants. I'm always looking for girls that don't pay attention to their belt line! I'd love to see yours too!

SO true! Whale tails are incredibly sexy.


I love to see that.

Bare Hugs


Not on purpose, hehe! But, it does happen.

Do you like to show off your crack?

Yes, she was. She got a little pink and pulled her pants up. I think she was more embarassed because we were with 2 guys.

was she embarrassed?

She sure was!! It was a nice view.

I think so too!


that is too bad. I am sure everyone would have wanted a chance to see that crack.

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