What Do They Think About Us?

I visit NYC a lot, so you see a lot of homeless people just by walking down the streets. My first reaction is always sympathy, but then I start to wonder what they think about us. They probably do have a lot of time to people watch and I wonder what there thoughts are when someone high mantenance and rich-looking person walks by. Do you think they despise them? Afterall, the cost of that persons outfit could probably feed them for over a week. I wonder if they want our sympathy or if they don't need it or have to much pride to admit they want it. I wonder where the hell their family , if they have one, to help them.

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3 Responses Aug 12, 2008

I even have a friend who is homeless.He fends for himself alright and just got a couple of jobs that don't pay much but he's grateful to have some money. These are tough times. He has found places that offer dinner and other help but people in society should realize that it just takes a few unfortunate events to become homeless, especially nowadays. I appreciate so much realizing that there are people who feel unloved and alone and depressed. I do what I can to help, when I can. I think everyone should do something.

Hi, this is nice you took the time to think about this area of the population. I lived in NYC for a year and went through a struggling period. Depending on the person, it does vary of course. But I believe many are in despair; and I am talking about the ones who have been in the lifestlye for sometime. This is such a broad question because there are infinite reasons people are homeless, nevertheless I appreciate you not overlooking the less fortunate. We need more people like you!

it probably depends on which one. there are so many homeless now it isnt like it used to be.