I see them all the time and I feel so much for them. If we are near a restaurant or fast food place I'll go in and buy them a meal. This morning, however, the gentleman that I saw was walking with a cane and barefoot. He had just a few tattered items on and carried a small satchel. I wanted to stop, I wanted to fix it, take away his lonely and sad life and give him the world. I think I'm going to see if he's still there at lunch time. There is a Goodwill around the corner and I'm sure we can get him some help there. Maybe that is where he was headed. I used to take whole loaves of bread, make sandwiches with it and but it back in the bag to give out. I think I may start keeping bread and jars of peanut butter in the trunk for times like this... and maybe bottled water. Just something to give out and provide a few meals. I feel guilty for being sad for that man and not trying to do more. We have a hard fight here in this world and sometimes we fall down but if I can help to pick someone back up then that's what I'll try to do.

Be kind to someone today... an email of appreciation, a card or even just a hug. You never know when you might fall and need to be picked up too.


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Smell Of A Waste Of Space, And Acknoledgement

By: Me
Written on June 2nd, 2013
Saw A homeless mother and her three children the other day, can you say Eww! She asked for a DOLLAR (Like that's enough!), and then started rambling about her pathetic life; how her husband beat her and her children so she left, and now is homeless.

I quickly felt robbed after I handed her a five, and saw that her daughter was drinking perrier water (Expensive!), so I reached in and took it back! She yelled at me, and I called her trash! Here is my piece on the so-called Homeless Invasion; Grow-up! Work hard, and you and your lil-rugrats won't become future welfare slums taking money out of the government!

Con's Of homeless in my area;

They Are annoying when they beg!

They all smell, instead of buying booze buy deodorant

and they are given the choice to reproduce lil-versions of themselves(especially prominent with N1ggers & Mexi's).

aren't you full of **** and vinegar?

hi again... yes, i will ... you have a beautiful mind... take care.. :)

I'd love for it to spread.. for more to care, love, try. We can make this a better world we all just need to work together.

hi mysplit o:- I love this .. you are very good person. :)

you are a good person. this is a wonder ful story.