It Was A Trailer House

It was a trailer house.Actually,one I had preciously rented.Absolutely beautiful inside and out.There was a man from LosAlamos living in their.Another genius employed by the government ,worked until his mind was blown and then let go.You probably didn't know that's what happens to them but it happens over and over and most everyone ends up in the same place afterward.
Where? You'll see.
Anyway this fellows name was Frank.He had been with the government working on secrets he could never share for over 35 years.So many hours his wife left and took the kids,he wasn't comfortable being near people, he had almost no social skills.
I heard a loud boom that shook the world it seemed.
There was grey smoke coming from the roof of the trailer.The landlord Ray and my husband at the time Lee ran down to the trailer while I tried to find out if anyone had seen Frank leave that morning.His car was in the drive.Usually the neighbors,someone would see if he was picked up to go out or if he was still home
IT only took a few minutes for the flames to come shooting behind the smoke.Huge high flames, and I asked the mother of Justin a little 4year old to take him inside as he was hearing talk about Frank being in the fire,He had taken to Frank who would always watch him do his wheelies on his dirt bike.
She wouldn't take him in and he was beginning to cry,so I lied.I said I was very sure someone saw him go to work and he would not be in the trailer,
He felt better and went inside to play.
Ray and my husband went into the burning trailer and almost made it to Frank who they thought they could see sitting by the kitchen door, but the flames were too high and Lee my husband pulled Ray back just as part of the floor collapsed.The flames destroyed the mobile home before the fire truck ever arrived
Once everything was soaked down and the fire itself was out they found frank.He was sitting in the Lotus position and had the cat in one hand and the hose off the furnace the propane travels through in the other.Next to him they found a lighter.They say he was killed with the first big explosion just as he had planned.''
Now he was where over 70% of the great genius' end up even before their 60th birthday.Used up and tossed aside by our government. 
Just one more reason to be a proud American.

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Sep 19, 2010