I Just Saw My Neighbours House Burn Down While He Was Inside!

This morning at about 3:30am my BF and I awoke to hear sirens, it was the house across the road from our house, it was engulfed with flames. There was fire trucks, police, ambulance and other neighbors. It was probably the worse thing I have ever witnessed. I cried and cried.  Nobody new if the guy who lived there was in there or not. We found out he was, and his dog. He didn't escape. I knew him only by name and to say g'day to. It was so sad. The police have been there all day, they only just left, it is now about 1:30pm, 10hrs since it started. I am still in shock. His house is/was only about 50 meters away from my house. I saw the police carry his body away in a bag.I still can't believe he died like that. I still can't believe it happened at all.

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Sorry, the dog didn't make it! I like to think that it was trying to save his mate!

you know<br />
it's really weird<br />
the morning before i got sent the email with the story about the post above<br />
i dreamt that i was walking in the nighttime and i saw a house burning in the distance. <br />
i was with a lady who told me not to worry that it was just a set up and that it was not a real house - it was just a theatrical demonstration. <br />
i wanted to get closer to see it and to take a photo. <br />
It was really strange. <br />
I forgot the dream and then the next morning I was chatting to a friend on messenger and then I was checking my mails at the same time and saw the photo of the burning house and then remembered my dream. <br />
I was so sorry to read about it, I started to cry and got really upset. <br />
<br />
I was also writing the day before, about how I had dreams where scary things happen, and it's ok because it's just a dream, but life is not a dream, so it hurts, and also I have had kind of intuitions about life after death, and that after we have become 'spirit' it doesn't hurt any more, (I have had a few out of body experiences also) and then I was writing speculating about how maybe there are evolved souls who don't worry about death, and enjoy the whole thing of 'challenging death for fun' and going in and out of different life experience to well.. 'experience' all the different things about life. <br />
I was writing about Evil Kneivel and going through rings of fire, that kind of thing, so it was a bit freaky, seeing this 'fire' thing (the film my brother is now watching just said the word 'fire' at the same time I wrote that - freaky also) (ohmygod, they just said 'freaky' the same time I wrote that also). Hm.<br />
There is the theory that 'life is an illusion' but at the same time, well.. of course, life also hurts as well. <br />
There is also this theory about 'it only being the ego that hurts' - but you know - My own personal theory about that, is that we all need to protect ourselves, and protecting our 'lives' is technically quite an important thing, and that's why 'obviously' - we feel pain - because we want to protect ourselves, and that is what pain is for, to remind us to take care of ourselves. <br />
Anyway, I'm so sorry to hear about your neighbour. <br />
I am sure that he is not suffering any more. <br />
OK.<br />
There's lots of dramatic music going on in the film my brother is watching also. and 'aaargh, ahahahaha' <br />
Now the sounds of car alarms.<br />
OK.<br />
Anyway. <br />
Bye.<br />
I lived a few doors down next to a house where there was a big fire once, it was an arson attack from 'revenge'. Not very nice. <br />
I didn't see the flames, but I did see the smoke after. <br />
Hm. <br />
I just made a photo with some smoke coming out of it, borrowed from 'Smoking Etna' - the volcano. <br />
I also had a dream the other day about all the lava from etna being spewed out and then cooling and then flowers growing out of the ashes and the rubble. <br />
Hm.<br />
Ok. <br />
Bye.<br />
All the 'coincedence stuff' is kind of freaky.

i would just like to add - i wish all the peace and blessings upon everybody who was affected by what happened and if there are flowers that are put on the place afterwards, my spirit is there with them, and also i wish that the dog and your neighbours are Ok (on the other side) and my heart goes out to you guys and everybody who is affected and I hope that everybody is Ok, and I guess there will be a massive outpouring of grief, and I guess it will be like rain, blessing on the suffering the people must have felt. and then I hope that after it all comes out everybody is OK and fine. Bye.

WoW! Thank you for your enlighting comments Leeelooo. It seems you are experiencing a surge of synchronicity. Are you hearing the message that you are meant to be hearing? There is always a huge reason for everything to be in synch, it might be that you were really meant to comment on this story, which by the way has made me feel alot better, so thanks! Oh and bye the way, we have been recieving rain over the past few days, which has been very cleansing.

hi there<br />
thanks for your comments. <br />
i am glad that it helped you and made you feel better. <br />
thanks re the message what you said. <br />
i don't know about if i am hearing what i am meant to be hearing but i have been told to listen, also by another guy. <br />
my life is quite confusing. <br />
but i have got neptune transiting my natal MC at the moment, so that also is about 'being connected/psychic stuff/illusion' so i think that is also why i am seeing how things 'connect' at the same time more. <br />
<br />
in my own personal life it is very confusing at the same time as well. <br />
<br />
i am glad that it is raining and it is cleansing for you. <br />


That is awful! My room mate and I watched the apartment complex where we lived burn one night. Even though no one died it was still awful to watch our neighbors in the unit across from us lose everything they owned. There was a strange man that I had seen the night before when I walked my dog and I heard rumors that it was arson. Some children also saw the man. I didn't hear anything else about from rumors or the news and we eventually moved. Do you know what caused the fire?

His fire place door wasn't shut properly and a log rolled out!

I'm sorry this tragedy had to shake up your secure environment. Things will eventually re-new and regroup into a new--hopefully secure--reality. But that doesn't change how difficult your current adjustment process might be. Remember if you can, when images arise, that you can choose to focus on them OR you can choose to softly shift your attention to something else. According to a number of healing theories, turning--not to the images, memories or thoughts--but instead, turning to the place in the body wherever sensation is strongly felt, can lead us out of 'trauma loops'. (much like animals do).<br />
<br />
Traumatic stress reactions tend to replay themselves in the human mind, but with animals it is quickly released by shivering or shaking and becoming numb, paralyzed (as if dead). Then shortly afterwards they get up and go on as if nothing happened." They know instinctively how to let the body process it.<br />
<br />
As Peter Levine say in his book: "Waking The Tiger: Healing Trauma", "Trauma is like a straightjacket that binds the mind and body in frozen fear. Pardoxically, it is also a portal that can lead us to awakening and freedom." He goes on to explain that, "...Because trauma is ''locked'' in the body, it is IN the body that it must be accessed and healed. With proper support, the body will discharge the locked-in energy as surely as a stream flows to the sea...Trauma is about broken connections. Connection is broken with the body/self, family, friends, community, nature, and spirit, perpetuating the downward spiral of traumatic dislocation. Healing trauma is about restoring these connections."<br />
<br />
Don't know if any of this resonates with you right now, or not. But with that big hole where his house once was--you might be invited over and over to replay this experience. Did he have family? Do other neighbors know him? Perhaps you all could do some llttle ceremony or make a natural altar of caring, or find some way to change the energy of the site. A way that honors the man and his dog, while letting all the neighbors, friends,& family, incorporate what happened. I find such things can really speed along the healing process...<br />
<br />
for what its worth. <br />
<br />
I'm sorry for the pain and sadness you and the others must be feeling!

Thank you to everyone who has sent their love to me and those who this has affected, but I am really fine with it all now, time has healed! Thank you!

I feel very very sad and immediately call to fire service and stop the flames.<br />
---------------------<br />
Dharvesh<br />
<br />
<br />

There were the kids next door but I think they only smelled the smoke!

There was this house a block before my old apartment that burnt too. It was eery because I drove passed it every day. I found out that there was a 21 year old woman who lived at home with her parents and it was her room that started on fire. No one knows how it happened, but it is still standing, I believe it is condemned but I am unsure. I hate driving passed there, and I am glad I no longer live there. <br />
Take care, and you will be in my prayers, along with the family of the man who passed away, and his doggie too.

I just want to tell every one that the guys football team, Hawthorn, won the grand final. I don't like footy, but I think it's nice his team won!

Oh thats horrible! Im so sorry you witnessed that!

that is extremely sad.

PurpleSassy, life certainly shocks us up sometimes. Look at how many people are sharing this event with you. An outpouring of empathy and love for you, and the poor man and doggie friend who died in the fire. I hope you get some time to get away for a while. Now that you've had a few hours, what message did you get from this experience? (There will be more as the shock sinks in. I am so sorry you had to witness this. Prayer and hugs to you.)

Thank you very much everyone. This did happen sometime ago, and I have gotten over the ordeal. It happened on the 1st August, an dI am fine now! <br />
I found a measage of "be bloody careful when it comes to fires. I don't have a wood heater, so that is some comfort and I did go and get a fire extiguisher!

I feel for you sweetie. I've never even imagined experiencing something so traumatic. Even if you didn't really know the guy, he was part of your daily routine and he was a human being. See if you can find some professional counselling, just for a bit, to make sure you can work through this and maybe get some resolution and closure so it doesn't come up later on. <br />
<br />
Us flowers need to stay strong, face our petals to the sun, and make sure our roots stay strong. <br />
<br />
You will be in my prayers today.

Wow, nearly a year later and still getting comments! Thanks everyone, but I am truly fine now!

Wow, I'm sorry you had to witness that. It sounds pretty traumatizing :( <br />
That poor guy and his dog.

I am fairly new here and you probably don't know me but I just wanted to say how terribly sorry I am that you have had such a dreadful experience. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers if that is alright with you. My heart goes out to you. My thoughts and prayers also for the man who died and his dog. With all my very best wishes from Rose xxx

reminds me to check my smoke detector

Omg I am so sorry I can only imagine how horrible that must have been!

I'm so sorry. What a horrible thing to happen.

OMG!! Let's pray your neighbor is alright..

Deuteronomy is what will keep his soul from traveling without moving. Prat for his return to the afterlife or the journey of... I am sorry you had witnessed this. Images never can be erased only accpeted through undertsanding, acceptance and the willingness to direct the tragedy in to a perception that they (he) is in a much better place now. I WISH YOU SOLACE..Marry Christmas.

Deuteronomy is what will keep his soul from traveling without moving. Pray for his return to the afterlife or the journey of... I am sorry you had witnessed this. Images never can be erased only accpeted through undertsanding, acceptance and the willingness to direct the tragedy in to a perception that they (he) is in a much better place now. I WISH YOU SOLACE..Marry Christmas.

*comfort* How awful!

*comfort* How awful!

Allah yarham your neighbour,and allah help u to get ride of these memories best of luck and take care...

it is really a very hard experience

That is so sad and depressing especially around the holidays.

i havent seen a house burn down but once i saw a house with snoke coming out of it. however i cant believe how ur neighbor died in the fire. im sorry for ur loss:(