The First Time I Saw A Naked Girl

I was probably 11 at the time.  There were two sisters living next door, kind of tomboys, aged 11 and 10.  We used to play in our “fort” in the back woods.  When I had to pee, I would secure their agreement not to look, and use a nearby tree.  They had to run back to the house.

One day, the older sister had to pee, but did not want to run to the house.  She said that we all should use the tree together.  We walked over.  She removed her jeans and undies willingly, and I did so a little reluctantly.  Her sister was much more reserved, and managed to keep her legs together after removing her pants and undies.  I demonstrated the art of aiming, as the younger sister looked on intently.  The older sister asked me to help her aim.  She also offered to help me aim, which I accepted.  After a while, the younger sister lost her shyness, although she was always a little more reserved about being exposed.  We also touched each other a bit, with the younger sister more interested in examining  and touching me than the older sister.  She also asked if she could look up close, to which I said yes.  None of us kenw much about or though about sex.

During the school year, no playing in the woods.  When summer returned, we returned to playing in the woods.  The older sister was beginning to mature sexually, and showed me all her “changes”.  We continued playing in that manner throughout the summer, including peeing, looking, and touching.

Well, the next year, the older sister and I were 13, and the younger sister 12.  The older sister had definitely developed sexually, and I was well along.  Even the younger sister was beginning to develop.  They now wanted to be touched a lot more.  I found that I could not pee with them, as I now had an erection.  Both sisters wanted to touch my erection, with quite a bit of surprise on the part of both sisters (and me) the first time they witnessed the inevitable results.

Well, they moved out of the house the next month, and a family with three boys moved in.  That was the first time, and definitely one of the more interesting.  Looking back, it is for the best that the sisters moved out.  Who knows what trouble we would have gotten into?

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Allen I would of had to of gotten into THAT type of trouble TWICE.!!!!

i had a step sister 10 me almost 10 and a sister about 7 those memories have lasted a lifetime, the silky feels, the first smell and taste on my finger lingers in the depths of my memory. the first sights of glistening pinkness and the feel of girl hands exploring leaves me wishing i could have an encore

You have had some very good experiences' .!!!

Hot have to say hot. those early days are precious good true story

awesum story yo! ;)

great story

Yes, it was a surprise. The younger sister did much of the touching. Both sisters were close at the time of my first ******. The younger girl said, “you peed on my face.” The older girl said “you peed on my breasts, now wipe it off!” I didn’t know what had happened until a week or so later. Those next few weeks were great!