The First Time I Undressed With A Girl

My parents and their friends spent a week each summer at the beach, along with the kids. There was me, my sister, and younger brother.  My parents friends had two daughters.  They rented three rooms.  My parents shared a room, their friends shared a room, and the five kids shared a room.  The last year that we went (before the friends moved away) I was 13, my sister 12, and my brother 6.  The other two girls were 14 and 13.

We arrived in the late afternoon, and after dinner returned to our rooms.  Our parents were out for the night, and the five of us went to the room, played games, and planned all the activities for the coming week.  We decided to get ready for bed.

Changing clothes had become a little bit of a problem, as it occurred many times during the day (morning wake up, change for swimming, change for tennis, more swimming, etc).  We were planning the optimal way to share the bathroom, when my younger brother, standing in front of us, removed his shorts and underwear, puts on pajamas, and gets into bed.

The 13-year-old girl (seated next to me on one side, my sister sitting on the other) comments that things would be more efficient if we changed clothes together.  We all agreed, not fully comprehending what we just said.  So, she removes her shirt, then off with her shorts and underwear.  Me, my sister, and this girl were begin to sexually mature, and I did not realize how far along she was.  I saw her developing breasts and a little pubic hair, and was surprised.

Normally, I would not have undressed in front of my sister.  But, I was not going to be outdone by this girl.  So, off with clothes, revealing my maturing male parts.  My sister looked at me, stared a little at my budding pubic hair, and began to undress.  I was shocked.  She had much larger breasts than I expected.

I was completely unprepared for what happened next.  The 14-year-old had been standing right in front of me.  She removed her shirt and shorts to reveal a bra and underwear.  Big deal.  Then she removed her bra to reveal her breasts.  My jaw dropped as I stared.  She then removed her underwear, and my jaw hit the floor.

My penis had enlarged slightly as the other girls undressed, but not a real erection.  When the 14-year-old undressed, my erection grew almost instantly.  And, my sister has point out to my erection to everyone.   But I think the girls liked it.

Then the 14-year-old asked if she could take a closer look at my very erect penis.  She kneeled down, and looked carefully.  She then offered the same in return, showing me her clitoris and breasts at any angle I requested.  A couple of times her breasts brushed my erect penis.  Wow!  The other girls  also looked closely at me, as I did at them.

Throughout the week, we did change together.  Sometimes it was me and my sister, sometimes, the 14-year-old, sometimes the 13-year-old.  My erections came and went, mainly showing up when the 13-year-old and I changed together.  That is because we discussed what little we knew about sex together.  We even discussed having sex, although neither of us knew what to do, and I don't think we would have dared to touch each other naked.  We were only 13.

The next summer found the other family over 1,000 miles away.  A few years later, the beach house closed.  Now, there is a restaurant and condominiums in the background.  But I will never forget the first girl I saw naked.

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4 Responses Mar 8, 2010

I accidenaally saw my friend naked when she was taking a bath.

That must have been a great summer. I would have engineered reasons to get changed all the time!

great story...i wish i had some of these experiences....

god my first time being naked woth girls was at 12 it was summer camp and they laughed as they and touched my little penis one girl said its small my 9 yr old is bigger