"here, Take The Baby."

My mom's friend went into labour.  They are relatively new to the country, coming from Africa, and wanted my mom and I to be there with them.  After 22 hours of labour the doctor decided it was time for a C-section.  The baby was just too big to come out naturally.  They took the soon-to-be mom into the operating room while the soon-to-be father, my mom and I waited in the hallway.  The father was really freaked out by the whole medical side of things.  Had the baby been born naturally he wanted me to cut the cord!  He decided that he could not go into the operating room with his wife and asked me to go in instead.  I, of course, said yes.  A little while later a nurse came out and told me to come in.  The mom was prepped and they were ready for me.  She was almost completely frozen so I just sat at her head, rubbed her shoulder and told her she was doing great.  The baby was brought into the world by the doctor, handed to the nurse who cleaned her off, weighed her and wrapped her in a blanket and then handed her to me.  That's right.  I was the third person in the entire world to hold this baby, even before the parents!  She is absolutely adorable and *knock on wood* such a good baby!  She turns one in a few weeks.  How time flies!
EmT1891 EmT1891
18-21, F
Apr 20, 2011