From age 10, I was always helping to deliver kittens! My mother use to breed them and then sell them to a pet shop. Heehee! But she was too squeamish for the bloody parts of it, so I stepped in and took over. I was Dr. Dani! =p

I was always happy, when the birth was over... when all kittens are accounted for and the mother is safe. Sometimes the mother cat can die during birth... and sometimes a few kittens do not make it too. But, it is a happy day, when all kittens are born alive and the mother is okay. :-D

Though... newborn kittens aren't the prettiest! They look like wrinkled rats, for the next few weeks. BUT, after that, they start to fluff out and become CUTE! ;-)

I haven't been there for a human birth, but I have been around newborns... my nephews and little brother. As early as three weeks old! They were so tiny and beautiful. I remember it, always, when I first got to hold my first nephew, in my arms. And newborns have the most wonderful smell too! :-D

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Mar 8, 2009