Ok ok.. i am an animal person, i really am. I always say that i like animals better then people. Not possums however. I really fuching hate possums. With a passion. And not besause they get into the garbage or because ther giant diseased rats. Its because they creep me out. Thats right they creep me out. And that all i really have to say.Ea...possums!

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haha, here we just shoot them - skin them and make things..

seriously?<br />
possums are one of my favorite animals.<br />
I wouldn't exactly call them diseased as they're much more resistant to rabies than a lot of other wild animals.<br />
and they're actually marsupials; related to the kangaroo. Not rats.<br />
<br />
but to each their own..

I don't know being in the south, it is something you get used to along with the kudzu, the temperamental weather, and alligators. And, have to say, sadly for you they are here to stay. But I can sympathize with your, since I probably hate buzzards as much as you do possums. But, unlike the buzzards, I heard that possums make a great meal.