It Was Huge!

It was a warm summer night some years ago I think maybe 5 or so? Anywho I walked our onto our back porch  to take my puppy to use the bathroom. Now in the summertime my family dries all its clothes outside and so there was a wire clothes rack out back, because I'm naturally clumsy and it was pitch black out I reached back in the house to turn the back light on so I wouldn't run into the rack. What greeted me but two small beedy eyes and a rat looking tail. The possum was huge way too big to be balancing on our thin wire rack which was just what it was doing while looking as if it was about to jump my baby (my puppy) from above! My baby hadn't even noticed he was there! I swear I freaked out and grabbed a rake lying near the back door and tapped the wire rack cuz I figured it would scare the possum right? Wrong! Apparently this possum was gangsta and didn't care what I was doing it jumped down from the rack missing my puppy and of course catching his attention proceeded to lead my dog on a lil adventure around the block. Honestly it was the biggest possum I've ever seen in my life! I'm so glad it never came back.

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1 Response Feb 17, 2010

I just added a story before reading yours and I believe every word you wrote, mine was huge also and was on top of garbage cans that should have been falling over and I had to throw rocks at it and it acted like I was the trespasser.That is so funny your experience was so similar.I even described it as a rat looking thing.lmao