Injured Fledgeling Living In My Garden

Last week, or possibly even two weeks ago, I saw a robin on my back fence, close to my garden. Thinking nothing of it, I figured it would fly away once I was close. Not so, with this mommy bird. She's feeding her fledgeling, who has broken all its tail feathers and all wing feathers on its left side. Figuring it was cat-bait, since I know of at least one cat who poops in our sandbox on regular occasions, I took the chance to see one up close. Sweetest little thing, the feathers were broken off at the sheath, but the darn bird tried to fly anyhow. Tried to squawk at me, too, nothing more than a mute purr(I wonder how old that makes it). I left it, and next day saw it still there. I went for another peek, and came to terms with its inevitable demise. I didn't see or hear it

Well, today I saw Catbait's mother feeding it again. I cornered it for another inspection, and saw most of the feathers had what might be new growth on them. It had an inconsistent squawk, also(puberty for birds?). I am starting to wonder if it will actually survive to adulthood, and have a faint hope of the feathers growing back for it to migrate. I worry for it, though. Winter comes in September for us, and it's only got a couple months to recover.
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KIll the cat.