Spinning Green T'giving Turkey

It was a bit past Thanksgiving, & my 2 closest friends were bored & meandering about the neighborhood. It was at this time we happened into our friend's parent's back yard (home to Loop the Loop-another story!). This is when we yanked out of my friend's household trash can a gift from the Mischiefe Gods!  A heavy black plastic trash bag containing a rather large uncooked, odorous, green & moldy, T'giving turkey. What could we possibly do with this gem!

So we placed it out on the sometimes busy street in front of our friends house. We then proceeded to go into the attic in our friend's house, to a window overlooking the  street to witness what was to happen next. Most cars were able to veer around this black shiny mound in the middle of the street, & some were not so lucky.  

One or two unfortunate cars smacked into the bag causing the bag to spin most violently. The "guts" of the turkey spewed out of the spinning trash bag & the car tires spread it out down the street.

We were promptly summoned downstairs by our friend's parents & were convinced that it would save our lives if we went out there & picked up the what was left of the bag & turkey. Oh how we suffered! Although the next event was completely unexpected, though just as funny!

Flies! Clouds of flies enjoying a plentiful & nasty meal conveniently spread out on the hot asphalt! A car would go past at this juncture & the quite visable, audibly buzzing, cloud of hundreds & hundreds of fat black flies, would rise up out of the way, & then settle down again right afterward! Oh, the joys of childhood!

navyvet navyvet
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2 Responses Feb 19, 2009

Oh my! We can't blame the poor dead, half rotted, stanky, spinning turkey can we? I accept full 1/3 blame! LOL!

holy crap that's funny stuff, I may never wanna eat turkey again