Desperate Reetu

Reetu was a self thought hot chick.a doctorate holder in literature and principal of a gud for nothing more thing she never used the school washrooms and worked there frm 8 to you can imagine the gusher she would give at her pee.that day all went fine till i came at around 2.i had brought a legal notice 2 sue the school with shakir ali.i had 2 wait till 3 2 get the appointment.i finally got in.she was seated and was perhaps feeling an slight urge2pee2/10. The convo began i showed her the legal notice.she got tensed n drank a full glass of water.i explained her my motives.that glass made its way through.half an hour later i saw her crossing her legs so her urge must be 4/10.she was talkin continuously which made her thirsty and she had another 2 glasses.her bladder was catching up fast.she started feeling very uncomfortable.she crossed her legs and began fidgeting.She was finding it very difficult to was almost 5.all teachers had left.she was the only one left.finally our convo got over,she waited for me to go out and then came out to relive herself instead of making a dash.but as soon as she was out she almost ran to the washroom.after that i could hear an gusher for about 3 mins followed by a moan.i was totally turned on.she was embarrased to find me still there and blushed and walked to to her place.
lovepeedesperation lovepeedesperation
18-21, M
May 17, 2012