What's Up In The Sky?

This begins with my family and I  were driving down the freeway going south on Hwy 405. It was a bright sunny after noon.  It was warm out so we rolled down the windows in the car and were enjoying some cool breezes blowing through the car.

My oldest son in the back seat suddenly sat forward and unfastened his seat belt and started hanging half way out the window. He was gazeing at something across the sky.

I yelled at him to get back into his seat and to fasten up his seat belt. He replied but mom I just saw a UFO out there. I said to him sure you did and as soon as those words came out of my mouth there it was. It appeared directly in front of us as though it were sitting still. I might mention were traveling at a rate of around 60 miles an hour in the car. It veered verticaly and seemed to have dissappeared.

My son still hanging out the window yelled mom it's still with us. He said it was about 10 feet above the car following us. It appeared to have red and blue flashing lights revolving around it as it kept changing positions from going from front to back of the vehicle. I increased my speed to see if we couldn't some how get rid of what was happening to no avail.

We had gone about a  4 mile distance being followed by this strange disk like object before it suddenly just streaked off into the bright sunlight. The strange thing about this was we never heard a sound come out of the space ship and  vanish so quickly.

To this day I wonder what it was doing following our vehicle for so long. It gives me a creepy feeling inside. Are we alone here on this Earth ?

My answer to you is I think not. Haunted5

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2 Responses Mar 9, 2010

I'm feeling a little better each day....This short life in this strange world is full of mysteries....It is sometimes fascinating and sometimes terrifying.....most days though, are pleasant and relatively uneventful.... I love the ordinary days...I always enjoy reading what you write...it's a pleasure to know someone who notices the odd things. :) hugs , gryf

My next door neighbor and I were out in our shared garden. It was broad daylight. we saw a cylinder shaped ob<x>ject streaking across the sky. very fast. It was probably the light of the sun--but it appeared to have a shiny golden hull. We were surprised and then we rationalized that it was something our government had. That night on the evening news, it was reported that two people located in the area that the thing had been heading for--saw it--but down low and more or less hovering close to the ground....no sound. So many people have reported seeing these things......I don't know what they are--nor does anyone else seem to, but there is definitely some kind of technology flying about--that your average citizen can't identify.