Im On the Road to Recovery Whoo Hooo

There I was shopping at my local store when...H E L L O ..... who's mm very s e x y... I got tingles!! the good kind ....Big Time Tingles. (change your knickers tingles) I haven't had that feeling for years. Yep still got it... Go C Go C its ya birthday Wow.... It was only a look....but Whoa !! talk about nice. I had to smile. Mind you I had my two rug rats with me... but for the first time EVER they where really good.. <sigh> I don't know what happened but that made my day..I'll have sweet dreams tonight...oh yeah.

Best Sunday this year....LOL

caroli9 caroli9
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1 Response Jan 21, 2007

oh P L EEEE SE ..... <br />
<br />
thats all i can say at this point. <br />
<br />
other than that i feel sick.... seriously .... i really do