I Love It

I was hesitant to see this movie. I love the Beatles, and  was in the mindset that it would be awful because the Beatles weren't the ones singing their own songs.  But....I ended up seeing it last week, and absolutely fell in love with it.

  Great cast of characters, and the music is wonderful.  I actually ******* cried, ok i know it's lame.  And i don't do that sort of thing, but it just hit me in a couple spots and i couldnt stop myself.  I can't stop thinking of the movie, and I need to see it again!!  The way the story fits with the songs is amazing, and i love love love it :)))


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2 Responses Feb 25, 2009

My thoughts exactly! Having grown up listening to music with my Dad, I was completely spoiled on The Beatles. I have nearly all of their music on CDs, somewhere in my home. I was kind of excited when I found out about the movie, because, hey, it's the freaking Beatles, and also, I totally had this idea when I was like, 8. Glad to see somebody went somewhere with it.<br />
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I was a little iffy about having somebody other than the Beatles doing the songs, but, my god, they did a wonderful job. I am in love with Jim Sturgess, and the rest of the cast. I totally cried too, so don't feel like too much of a dork. Just, ugh. Also, kudos to Bono for selling me on his version of I Am The Walrus--one of my faves, for whatever reason, and pulled off pretty well.<br />
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Wow, I should probably stop ranting now, or else I'll be here a while.<br />
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Anyway. Across The Universe is a great film, in its own right, and some of the "hardcore" Beatles fans that I know need to take the sticks out from up their ***** and just enjoy it.

i thought EXACTLY the same thing about it but ended up loving it and crying :)