The new Alince in Wonderland was wicked awesome amazingness!!!

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hehe thanks Hesitant! I loved Edward Scissorhand. I think I've only seen bits and pieces of The Nightmare before Christmas. I think stoners really dig his movies haha (not saying you are one;) I'll check The Corpse Bride out this weekend...and maybe 9, sounds pretty interesting. I'm glad I wasn't the only one that thought the 3d action wasn't anything special. Thanks for the recommendations girlie! :D

9 is is about these little things who have to save the world when the machines have killed all the humans it was really good. I saw Alice in theaters in 3D and to be honest the 3D didn't make much of a difference I don't think it contributed to the movie at all. Ok as far as tim burton goes he's been making movies since i was about 2 His first big one for me was The Nightmare Before Christmas (a children's movie, clay characters, musical), Edward Sissorhands. The Corpse Bride, Coraline, 9 I'm sure there are a few I've missed but I have never ever been dissapointed in a Tim Burton film if you hae a boring day download his movies and watch away!

;oP Maybe if I would have read the book... lol I guess I would have preferred if Alice was a little girl. What did you think about the 3D action, did you go to the theater or watch it on your pc? What's 9? Idk I'm not a big movie person... I mean of course I've heard the name Tim Burton.. but I don't really pay much attention to who directs it... don't know what other movies he's done... I'm sure he does have a brilliant mind though.

I think I like that is was more like that book... I'm not much for musicals so.... Idk I thought Alice was charming

Yeah it was ok. Would have been better if they got a better actress to play Alice. And maybe some music. I mean where was the "Unhappy Birthday" song... I think it should of been more like the cartoon less like the book. But wasn't bad... just not as good as I was expecting either.

Yes he is pure genious I'm going to watch 9 tonight I'd love to get a look into his mind

i saw it too and liked it alot! great costumes and sets, was completely entertained from start to end. tim burton always makes great movies i would love to do what he does.