Liked The Movie

I went to the theater not knowing what to expect.  For sure, Tim Burton's "Alice" does not even try to follow the original storyline, but is uniquely it's own. I for sure know I enjoyed it a lot. I mean very much a lot ... I think mostly because it only uses the Alice characters and perceived history and doesn't pretend to be the original story.

Other Alice movies are what prompted me to illustrate and publish an unabridged graphic adaptation of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" (I don't know it I can post a link here but I will try), but this new Disney movie is a visual extravaganza. If you are an "Alice" purist you may take umbrage, but if you enjoy a fun story with phenomenal visuals, go see it!

(My Alice Graphic Novel, if it let's me link: or

GlennDiddit GlennDiddit
Mar 15, 2010