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  I don't believe I'm posting this. I'm curious to get chrisosx' take on it in particular but all comments are welcome. I'll try to make this as brief as possible.

    This would have been 1986/87 don't remember exactly. I had been having dreams of tall Aryan aliens. In the dreams they would teach me various things. At the time due to other things I have not yet written about, i believed the encounters to be real even though they occurred in a dreamstate. Not real in the sense my body was participating but real in the sense that i believed it to be instigated by actual aliens.

 I began having trouble with my gall bladder. I had no insurance so this went on for months until it got to the point the gall bladder was going to explode. They had to do something but oddly i got medicaid finally on the same day i was admitted for surgery.

  They were going to do surgery at some ungodly hour in the a.m. I was in my hospital room watching tv around 10 pm or so and a nurse came in. She was very tall, very white, and had thick long very deep and bright red hair. She told me the doctor had ordered a sleeping pill for me. I don't do drugs unless I absolutely have to and i told her I did'nt want it. She told me I needed to be rested for the surgery and to take it. I told her no. She got perturbed with me and I got perturbed back. I told her her i would not take the pill and i'd go to sleep in a little while. She finally gave up and told me to call for her if I changed my mind. i don't remember her giving me her name and I did'nt look to see if she was wearing a tag. I had a buzzer though, but I was not going to take the pill so it did'nt matter.

I eventually went to sleep, not for long and they took me into surgery and knocked me out as usual  for surgery. I woke up ...only the usual healing for a couple of days, then they were going to send me home so they needed to take out my stitches and put some other kind of stitches in or something. They undid the bandage and the nurse said she'd be right back and left the room. I of course was curious and looked at the wound which was huge and hideous ( I found out later way too large for a gall bladder incision. It goes from my sternum to my hip. )  There was also something else. Now the main incision was not uniform, it had been done quite sloppily. Parallel to this big incision was a red line, also with cross cuts but absolutely precise. no sign of stitches. It was much smaller. not a marker or anything this was absolutely a type of surgery scar. When the nurse came back in, I pointed it out to her and she had no clue but was concerned. She called in the doctor and showed it to him. this was the guy who did surgery on me and he had no clue but commented it looked almost like a laser incision. You'd think..they would try and find out something when a laser incision is next to the botch job he did, but they did'nt pursue it. One thing i can tell you..this is one of the poorest hospitals in northern Michigan and they do not have laser capabilties there. At least not at that time.

I also talked to the nurse and told her " hey, there was a nurse who came into my room the night before the surgery and she said the doctor had ordered a sleeping pill and I refused to take it and I may have been a little rude. i was wondering if you could tell her I aplogize for being a pain in the butt." She asked the nurses name and I didnt know it. She asked me to describe the nurse to her and I did. She looked a bit flustered and said " there is no nurse that fits this description that works here ". So she got my chart and evidently the doctor had NOT ordered a sleeping pill for me that night.

After I got home, I had a friend who worked at a large rich hospital up north and she came and looked at the red incision next to the botched incision. She has worked with doctors who do laser surgery and she also swore it was a laser incision of some kind and extremely precise. The main surgery left a hideous scar I have to this day. The "laser" incision next to it faded completely after a few weeks.

It's possible I guess that I hallucinated the nurse. The laser incision was not hallucinated. I have witnesses today that can verify this. I will also say this event occurred shortly after another similar but more grandiose event that also left physical evidence. i don't know if I'm brave enough to tell that one yet but it has to do with the birth of my son. ( anyone on here who knows me will say son ? what son ? I don't talk about him much )

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thats strange for sure , i have experienced psychic phenomena , lots of people choose to not believe but never stop telling your story for those of us who want to understand.. :)

they call me crackpot for the things i say but i know what ive seen and am fearful to put it into detail on a public forum but people dont understand they are the greys and they are not a form they are interdementional beings that control the minds and already control a major part of our infastructure beware and belive in yourself its the only way to stay safe

chrisosx you are absolutely right. That is the thought that I have with them. They remind of.. a good example is Sam Donaldson the newscaster. My instinct just tells me they are not real humans. But then I try to rationalize my perceptions to fit the median view of the world. I'm old and tired. Too many battle scars.

Well, I'm going to have to tell that one in a long story. When I make it short, people cite an X files calipur ? lol ;o) It happened before x files was on the air and I do have witnesses.<br />
I'm in the middle of moving right now, but I'll post it when I can and drop you a note. I don't really believe in any of this stuff anymore, but I have few explanations too. I did experience these things. I am more leaning toward some kind of mind control experiments than aliens, but...I really just don't know what to think. if it were only me, I'd say it was all hallucination. Unfortunately I have witnesses and documentation of events by doctors so...I don't have the luxury of saying the experiences were hallucinatory.

i want to know abput your son what do you mean people say what son


I suppose it's possible. I did believe it at one time. If that is what happened, I wonder why they were so interested in me ? In the dreams they said i was a hybrid.

Very interesting, thanks for sharing. <br />
I believe that aliens exist and they do interact with humans but,they know that Governments are not trustworthy. Which is understandable.

No. Nobody has checked for missing organs. I was dumbfounded that they did'nt do some kind of check. I mean how often do surgery scars magically appear next to their own surgeries ? Another interesting thing is, the laser scar was the right size for a gall bladder operation while the surgeon's scar was the right size for a frekin autopsy or something. At the tme, I thought...what if the aliens knew the doctors were going to botch the surgery in advance ? What if they saved my life or something ? I wonder what would have happened if I had taken the pill ? Assuming I did'nt hallucinate the nurse of course.<br />
<br />
Oh this is just a drop in the bucket of all I've been through LOL

How amazing! I can't even imagine how you really feel about all that you've been through. Did the Doctors ever check to see if you were missing any other organs in your body or anything? Please write to me anytime.