One night I was very sick and my mom prayed for an angel to come. I don't remember what I was sick with but I couldn't sleep which was rare for me. I was wide awake with an anticipated feeling of something was going to happen. I saw a glowing, golden light flow into Mt room and a tall, slender, luminous being. The being seemed feminine and yet it seemed androgynous. The angel had a golden, shiny dress and she help a small harp in her hands. She had no shoes and she had an anklet. Her face and form were fuzzy but yet she was very real. I don't care what anyone says the angel, my angel was real. My heart beat fast and I was speechless and I had to use the bathroom but I didn't move. I perspiration like crazy and time stood still. I'm not sure if she was there for minutes or hours. I think she sang to me but yet all I heard as silence. Maybe my human ears couldn't understand the song or language she was trying to tell me. I think she was soothing me. I told my mom the next day and she believed me. I do get angry at God but I will always believe in him. My faith has faltered but I know deep down what my heart tells me.
faerieshimmer87 faerieshimmer87
26-30, F
Aug 18, 2014