A Whole Group of Us Saw a Ufo

There was a large group of us and above us hovered some kind of strange triangular craft and one of the gals screamed and it flew off faster than anything I've ever seen and now everyone thinks they are crazy.  We never talk about it anymore

imahag imahag
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2 Responses Jun 13, 2009

You are not crazy by what you saw,last year I saw a trianglar ob<x>ject in the sky(I have had sightings before and do believe in them)but this was the first time that I saw one for my self(I have read about trianglar ufos) and was thrilled,and rather surprized when I saw one.It was about 2000 feet up in the sky and moving slowly,then a few minutes later it made its self smaller,still retaining the trianglar shape,then it sped off at a very fast speed

I reckon me and bf saw one last week. Did a blog on it. Some ppl reckon military etc-but i think it was the real deal.