I Saw This Strange object

This happened a long time ago and I generally dont like to talk about it. I was about 6 years old and my mom had sent me and my older sister to the local shop to fetch potatoes for dinner. It was summer time I think or early autumn cos it was dark quite early but not cold. We'd got the veg and the couple who ran the shop { Mr&Mrs Day] came out to watch us across the road.But there in the sky, above the houses opposite was a large glowing ball of light. Several people were watching it, the Days told us to run home, we were scared naturally, but when we got home it was right over the house but by time we'd pulled our mom out to look it had gone.

It wasn't so much this that frightened me but things that happened after. I would be lying in bed and I would sence being watched and would see this small thing sitting outside the window and sometimes I would be standing at the top of the stairs and get this weird pulling feeling and the next thing I would be at the foot of the staircase.

Many years later I woke up suddenly and looked outside and there was a large ball of light sitting between the two houses opposite, after a few moments I closed my eyes and went back to sleep. So theres my story, believe it if you want but to me it was a real experience.

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Wow. No comments since September? How long do subjects stay on line?<br />
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Anyway, I wish I could see a UFO. Have you had any other sightings since September?

I believe you. That is a great story, it would be a different world entirely if everyone experienced things like these. And I think that there are more people who experience odd things but don't want to come out with it for fear of ridicule by people who haven't experienced anything.