Weird Movements

yeah so like 4 years ago i was lying awake in bed when i noticed this light way off in the distance. it looked just like a regular airplane's light, so i didn't pay much attention to it until it started doing crazy things like back flips and stalling in mid air and climbing and falling vertically. it also had these two lights that it shot off at one point, which i found freaky.


anyone else see craft that moved like that?

boribori90 boribori90
18-21, M
1 Response Dec 23, 2009

i did actually it was kinda dramatic, i was about 9 and i was like you looking up at the stars when i saw this weird airplane light going in weird circles and it did this for about 15 minutes. the next thing i know the light is shooting to the ground. i got freaked out and called my father. he told me to calm down and that everything was ok but the next morning i heard sirens in the distance. i asked my dad what was up and he told me that the light i had seen was actually a small airplane/jet thingy which had crashed in the middle of a corn field... YEP and since then i'v had to close my shudders every night cuz i get freaked out. theres ma story :)