I Saw a Ufo On Waterloo Bridge London

it was my 18th birthday 29 september 1983, i had arranged to meet my brother in covent garden so i was in my boyfriends car with my best mate and my boyfriend. My boyfriend was driving an MG  and as im only small i got in the back seat and my mate sat in the front. the traffic was building up it was roughly 5pm. Lots of people were on their way home from work there were i would estimate about 60 people crossing the bridge at that time. Suddenly directly in front of us a massive silver disk craft almost dropped out of the sky in front of us. It took up a large area of the sky and hovered on its side. I could see portholes all around the centre and what looked like lights on inside. Some of the windows looked dull as though people were looking through them. The craft was letting out like a lilac light from the underside. As it hovered i noticed there was writing under it the writing looked like  heiroglyphics, also there was a sign which looked like a swastika in red, for some reason i think the arms may have been going in the opposite direction from a swastikas. There was a car in front of ours and a little boy was jumping up and down on the back seat with excitement, it appeared that he also had seen this craft and was almost pointing at me and i just nodded at him as if to confirm it to him. His parents didnt seem to react. I looked at the people crossing the bridge some were frozen on the spot with their fingers pointing up to it others just walked on like nothing was there. My boyfriend was slumped across the driving wheel as though he had been knocked out. The car engine turned off we had to restart it. I sat there with my mouth wide open speechless. then it almost zapped away...it left no trail, no sound and no smell. I turned to my boyfriend and said did you see that, and he said no!, then i said to my friend did you see that, she had her mouth wide open and just nodded. I confirmed with her what we had seen and was amazed that my boyfriend had said he hadnt!, as it was massive and unmissable. I checked the papers for a few days after thinking there would be a report but nothing.

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ive just updated the logo with a picture of what i saw...thats the closest i can get to what it looked like on paper.

something was odd about the fact that some of the people appeared not to even notice it !and when i say it was huge it was huge...you couldnt miss it

sounds like only a few people saw it,perhaps everyone else were "switched off"

i would like you to see this you tube post by the ministry of defense which mentions the waterloo bridge sighting by nick pope.<br />
<br />

http://realufo.naeborra.com/content/blogcategory/38/72/50/50/<br />
<br />
they are basically releasing witness reports and pilot reports of ufo sightings

were you aware of the m.o.d disclosure project?.