Big Ben

I've seen it a few times. The last time was in January when I was in London for a protest. A friend and I decided to take a load of photo's of the tourist spots and of course some of us with big ben was top of the list. Going home on the train that day however I managed to delete all my photos of our day, I was totally gutted! Oops! Hopefully I'll be going back again sometime in the new year and this time I'll be letting someone else in charge of my camera!!

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3 Responses Nov 24, 2009

lol I know that lalaninjacakes :) it's just easier to call it big ben because then people know what we're talking about - rather than if we said we all saw the clock tower :) meh, it's still big ben to me anyways hehe

Big Ben is the bell<br />
<br />
The tower it's in is just the clock tower<br />
<br />
Man I sound anal, sorry

Yep - sucks big time. Luckily enough lots of other people took photo's from the protest so I managed to have a few from the day at least.