Boy In A Corset

It was July 2009 on a beach in cornwall uk. I was on holiday sitting on the beach which was rather crowded owing to it being the first week of the school term break and the weather being excellent.

A familly came on the beach, two boys and two adults, presuming these were the boys parents. The boys were aged about 9 and 11, both had big towels wrapped around them and the parents laid an oversize towel on the beach.

The youngest boy immediately sat on the towel and removed the towel around him, the eldest kneeled on the towel and kept his towel around him.

It was after about 20 minutes that I realised the eldest boy was still in the same kneeling position and I noticed he seemed to be very straight and errect.

The father chucked two packets of crisps on the towel for the boys, the youngest just leaning over to get his whilst the eldest was really struggerling to bend to reach his crisps and asked his younger brother to pass them.

It was now a good hour since they came on the beach and the eldest decided to remove his towel from around him.
I couldn't believe what I was seeing, no wonder the boy didn't sit or bend as he was enclosed in what I can only describe as a most unforgiving corset designed to cause severe restriction on his movements.

Looking at it as closly as I could it appeared to be made of leather, not a soft leather but a very rigid and hard leather which was obvious it had been moulded by some means to fit his body perfectly.

I am not sure if it was leather but certainly looked like it. The appearance of this corset suggested it was for some medical purpose the way it had been made. I call it a corset, but it may be known as a brace. However it resembled a corset in all apperances.
It extended right under the boys arms, then up at the front to his neck line, and at the back over his shoulder blades. You could see the bottom of the corset protruding under the boys shorts. After disapearing below the boys waist band it could be seen it had been moulded over his hips to extend right down on his bottom and very low at the front.

The corset had been renforced with some sort of boning which had been covered with leather stitched over the boning extending the full length of the corset and seemed to have been moulded ti shape. I think the boning was rigid steel because as the boy tried to move and bend, the boning did not give any suggesting it was rigid.
There were two of these bones at the back about 3/4 inch wide which layed one each side of his spine and had been bent into quite a severe S shape forcing his back in that position. The corset fastened on his right side using steel lace eyelets from the very top to bottom of the corset. There were two more of these boning each side the lace opening, two more one the left side, two more each side the front centre and a very wide one at the front centre about 2 1/2 inches wide. The front wide boning had also been shaped and it was obvious it was pushing hard on the boys tummy area.
There were 9 bones around the corset in all, no wonder the boy was having problems trying to bend.

It was obviuos by looking at this corset it had been put on very tight because the opening of the corset had been laced until both halves completly came together and the top edge of the corset was pressing in to his skin.

The boy eventually tried to sit on his bottom with great difficulty and could only manage a semi-uprightsitting position by taking his body weight on his arms stretched out behind him.

I dont know how many hours a day he had to wear it but I did see him several times during the week and even with a T shirt on it was obvious he was still wearing it.

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he must be a *****?

I must say the truth. As I read, I was envying that boy in the corset.

clearly it was for some sort of medical condition,and although some of us masochistic sissies would love to be fastened into such a device for moderate to short ,punishment periods one wonders if that novelty would soon wear off if we had to go through it day in and day out
I was in a maintenance team in a hospital and we can occasionally come across a lot of medical apparel.Now I am retired I hate having to buy nappies/diapers,which were easy to come by at work.-One article I did score when being thrown out was an orthopaedic corset,which was made in the U S A .It had 2 sets of lacings .One up each side.And 2 large spring steel strips in the body,,one each side at the front,It gives almost total restriction.I don't wear it at all now. Im more into my sissy baby girl outfits, predominantly in pink Over many decades of closet cross dressing for bondage humiliation,and punishment,fantasies.I think I have pretty well gone a full circle. Paulapetal14