Abby was the sister of my best friend Liz. Liz and I were 13 or so and Abby was 15. I was living on an airbase in England, where my parents were stationed. The major, Liz' and Abby's dad, was very strict. I was spending the weekend with the Liz and Abbey had a curfew of 9 pm. Liz and I were watching TV, when Abby came home after 10. The major said very little, other than asked her if she knew what time it was. Abby apologized and tried to explain, but the major just motioned her to go upstairs.
Abby went upstairs and returned totally nude with a cane in her hand, which she had to hand to the major.
She had to bent over and grab her ankles and wait. I don't remember how many she got. I do remember that she was crying. She had to stand in the corner for some time and I could see the welts on her bottom, before she was sent to her room.
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May 7, 2012