Post Cross Country Punishments.

Sport was compulsory in 6th form and once a month in Autumn and Winter, we were required to take part in a cross-country run together with the 5th year. There would be about 200 runners and most of us saw these runs as an opportunity to skive off for a smoke or a bit of "naughtiness" with our boyfriends. As well as the usual PE teachers, there would be some other teachers to keep an eye on us. inevitably, some of us would be caught taking short cuts, generally skiving or smoking. After the run, those who had been caught would be taken into Gym to be slippered or, if caught smoking, caned. Some months, that might only be a dozen or so but other months could be a lot - 50 or more. This story is about one of the other months.

My friend, Debbie, her boyfriend, and another couple, had stopped off for a smoke. I thought about joining them but didn't think the gap in the bushes was big enough to provide cover for six of us so my boyfriend and I decided to find somewhere else. We found a suitable place and had a quick groping session followed by a cigarette. We then left our hideout by the other side which to take quite a significant short cut. Unfortunately, as we emerged, we were seen by one of the teachers - "taking a shortcut". At least we hadn't been caught smoking so we'd only be getting the slipper.

When we got back and went into the Gym to get our slipperings, I saw Debbie and the others were already there in a group with 3 other girls from the 5th year who looked very worried. Looking around I could see there were quite lot of others and more were coming in - this was going to take a while. Debbie and I had both already been slippered twice that day, once in the morning for repeated lateness and again during the day for not having done our homework, so I walked over to Debbie and said "So, you're up for a third slippering too?". "No", she replied quite nonchalantly, "we were caught smoking so we're going to be caned."

A shout of "get into a line" told me that the slipperings were about to begin so my boyfriend and I went to join the queue. The PE master and two other teachers, one male, one female, were doing the slipperings, four whacks each. While we were waiting, the PE mistress came in carrying a cane and went over to Debbie and her group. The 5th years, were caned first, bent over for four strokes across the seat of their gym knickers. Then Debbie's boyfriend went, like Debbie and the other two, he was a repeat offender so he got six across the seat of his shorts. Then it was Debbie's turn to get her six. Next the other boy got his then, last of all, his girlfriend got hers.

There weren't many in front of us in the "slipper queue" by now so she and the others waited for us, still rubbing their stinging backsides. My boyfriend and I were slippered at about the same time. After getting changed, we set off home. We hadn't gone very far when Debbie reached into her bag, took out a packet of cigarettes, put one in her mouth and offered them around.

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A group of us always went off for a **** and a smoke whenever we did games at school. Cross-country was ideal because there were so many place we could go. Other times, we just went behind the pavilion or in the bushes round the side.

Who was hiding the cigarettes and matches

That time, I think Debbie had them. Other times, I'd hide one or two in my bra. Another place was the hems of our shirts. I know some of the boys used to hide them there.

There was always plenty of room in my bras at school. I bet your boyfriend had some fun finding them.

We've been caught "searching for cigarettes" ;) too - that's another story. And a very narrow escape from a caning.

Searching for cigarettes, that the best excuse I've heard for having your breasts fondled.

It was a euphemism, not an excuse. ;);) It wouldn't be a particularly good excuse anyway. Do you think "searching for cigarettes" would have earned you and your BF less of a caning than "having a feel"? ;)

I'd have stuck to having a feel, cigarettes, posession or smoking was six of the best for everyone caught. Experience tells me you may have got away with the slipper but your BF would have been caned.

I think we'd probably both have got the same. That might be why Debbie didn't get the cane for running off with my bra. If she had, I think I'd have got it too. It was probably borderline but the PE teacher wanted to punish us both the same. You could be right about having a feel being treated a little less seriously than possessing cigarettes. It might have been worth trying because, if you know you're going to get six for the cigarettes, you don't have much lose.

I did say from experience in my reply. I was caught having a petting session with a lad called David after on a trip home from Wales.
He had his hand up my skirt and I wasn't exactly saying no. The follwing day I got slippered at morning break and he had to wait till the afternoon to see the Head, it was his first experience of the cane and he started in his fifth year with six of the best.

Sorry if I appeared to be contradicting you, I didn't mean to. Our experiences are simply different. Unless there was a clear instigator, my teachers saw us as equally culpable so when my BF and I were caught petting, we both got the slipper together. Another teacher might have sent us to the Head. to be caned but I don't think it's likely that we'd have been punished differently. We didn't often have to wait for it either. With a few notable exceptions, we were touching our toes within minutes of being caught.

Debbie's mother caned both me and her son (Debbie's younger brother) when she caught me letting him have a feel of my ****. The funny(?) thing was, we had to bare our backsides in front of each other to have it.

Don't apologise, it just shows the difference in attide at different schools I think we were considered to more like a willing victim and therefore less guilty. Boys may have ben slippered in front of the class but we had to wait till the boys had gone. I bet you didn't argue with Debbie's mother when commanded you to drop your knickers.

I think my teachers had a more realistic view of girls. They never considered me a "willing victim", more like the instigator - and they were usually right! Debbie's mother knew me well enough too. I don't think she did actually tell me to drop my knickers to be caned that time, I knew what was expected so I just did it.

I suppose getting caught giving a lessom in life to a younger boy wasn't the brightest you ever did and knowing how Debbies mum was likely to react put you in position where the cane and a bare bottom was inevitable for the pair of you.

You're right, it wasn't one of my smarter moves - especially as we were in her back garden at the time.

I found I was never far from a spanking even away from home.

Same here, but Debbie was usually ahead of me.

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When I look back on my school days, overall, I think the punishments that I got made me a better person. I did learn from them and, I suppose it was the few very harsh ones that I took, that made the difference. The others were more of an inconvenience and were the result of me playing the fool or general disobedience. I was not a wilfully disobedient child by any stretch of the imagination although on occasions I stepped to far over the line and suffered the consequences. I was probably only 'thrashed' on 4 maybe 5 occasions but that was a minute percentage of all the canings and slipperings that I received. If I had to re-live my life again I doubt that I would change much that happened at school and would still accept the harder punishments along with the rest as they had the desired effect on me. I can't say the other punishments were easy to take but it never worried me to get them. In fact there were occasions when I took punishments on behalf of other pupils, not directly, but if no one owned up to something and we were all threatened with detention, or a mass class caning, I would just take the blame regardless.. I don't think 'my bottom' ever thanked me for doing that but it got things sorted. It didn't happen often, but enough. lol That said I still, to this day, have a very healthy respect for the cane and I suppose I always will.

I learned from my punishments too. I was very rebellious but they taught me where the boundaries lay and to take responsibility for my own actions.

I'm not sure my bottom would have appreciated a friend like your Debbie. lol
It was getting it's own fair share of the cane and slipper, without her help, but I can understand why she did what she did. I think we all push boundaries and cross the line. How far we cross the line is what counts. We both know that the slipper hurt, and that some teachers slippered harder than others but with a bit of 'high jinx' we got what we knew we could handle. lol I suppose we were playing a game where no harm was done but a little suffering helped us through a school days. Debbie, you and I probably came 'unstuck' every now and again but luckily we never got knocked into next week because of it. lol

My backside probably didn't appreciate her either but I can't blame her. She was great and possibly the best friend anyone could have. She might have put the ideas into my head but it was my decision to go through with them. That's what I mean about learning to take responsibility for my own actions. I'm still in touch with her so I'll ask her if she'd like to post some of her experiences or even some of ours from her perspective.

I think everyone needs that 'certain someone' in our early days. It's what helps create the mould that becomes you. Mine was a female neighbour, same age, but we didn't attend the same senior school. That said we did everything else two friends could possibily do together and a heck of a lot what only a boy and a girl can do together. lol Happiest days of my life despite all the sore bottoms that it got me. lol We dared each other to do things at school, knowing that if we did we were in line for a punishment, and would use our friends to confirm to each other that we had carried it out. Mind you we had the 'marks' to prove we had been caned or slippered but then again, we could have got those for something totally unassociated and often did!

To give you an idea of how nice Debbie was, she took a caning to save my 12 year of brother from one. He was giving her a cigarette I owed her and they were spotted by a teacher. I don't know all the details because I wasn't there at the time but, basically, while the were waiting outside the Headmasters office, she told him what to say and to just go along with what she said. When they saw the Head. she told him that she'd dropped the cigarette packet and my brother had picked it up and was going to put in the bin. She'd seen him and taken it off him. He confirmed her story. The Head. must have been suspicious but had to give them the benefit of doubt. My brother was told he'd had a lucky escape and he was about to see what he'd be getting if he was ever caught with cigarettes. He then had to watch as Debbie lifted her skirt, bent over the desk, and took four strokes of the cane. The chances are, she'd have got the cane anyway but she did save my brother.

That was a good thing of Debbie to do but it sounds as if she was more masochistic than you. You have indicated that you and no doubt Debbie had that trait and whilst I cannot be sure I feel I, subconsciously, went out of my way to feel the sting of the slipper and moreso the cane. Even today it thrills me but then again I do miss the 'fear' factor or the unexpected threat of being told that I am going to get it. lol When I talk to people about my school days, particularly if they are younger or maybe were better behaved than me, they are always shocked by the frequency of the punishments and the number of times I was disciplined throughout my school life. There weren't many days when I wasn't on the receiving end of something and from what I can gauge I'm sure your school days were very similar to mine. I was certainly amongst the top pupils to be punished in terms of number and frequency and wondered where you felt you and Debbie stood in the unofficial pecking order of punishments? I have to say that my school records show that I was officially caned 8 or 9 times (official as being recorded in the punishment book maintaned by the school) but unofficially it ran into the 100s over the 5 years at senior school. I was probably slippered more times than I was caned, but it was a close run thing I would imagine.

It was very nice of Debbie to do that but she wasn't risking much. Even if she hadn't said what she did, she would have got the cane anyway, all she did was save my brother from getting it. The only risk was that her actions might have been seen as a type of bullying (an older girl picking on a smaller boy) so might have earned her a more severe caning.

I wonder if she realised the possibilty that her caning might have been a more severe one if her actions had been viewed that way. lol It seems that she was a very brave and adventuroues young lady. Has that 'way of life' followed her into adulthood?

I don't know if she did think of that but I doubt it would have changed things. She is something of a "risk taker" but she knows how to calculate risk. It's served her very well in adulthood.

That's good to hear. I have no doubt that she learnt that ability to 'calculate risk' at school age and as you say ' it has served her well'. How about yourself Ruth, are you cast from the same mould, albeit, a little less of a risk taker than Debbie? I know that you mentioned that Debbie was more the instigator of situations leading to punishment but did you ever get your 'revenge' (in the nicest way) by taking the lead?

I instigated a few things that ended with us both getting sore backsides. I'll have to write up some of those experiences.

I have this feeling that to have been at school with both you and Debbie would have been a treasured experience and whilst I don't know either of you and taking into account that you are both younger than me, there are so many similar episodes in our lives. Hearing you accounts of school and life experiences brings a huge smile to my face............Thank You

Debbie was, still is, great fun. We never did this and God knows what would have happened if we had but, more than once, she cheekily suggested we slip our knickers off before going in for a slippering.

That would have been a show!

My cousin did that. She fancied getting a bare bottom slippering from a particular so she took her knickers off at break time then deliberately misbehaved in his class. As expected, she was called out to the front for a slippering.

Keeping her back to the class, she pulled her skirt up, opened her legs a little, and bent over. The teacher was both amused and annoyed at the same time. She got her slippering all right! Six real stingers!

Now that would have been brave on two fronts. lol I would love to have seen the teachers and the other pupils faces when your skirts were lifted. Naked or bare bottom punishments were rare at our school although cheeks were bared by the headmaster pulling your pants up tight. He may as well have asked me to take them off. The PE teachers often punished you bare mainly because you were often undressed following sports and may just have come out the shower. Being naked never seemed to phase the teachers but you rarely got it infront of your fellow pupils. You always had to wait until they had dressed and left. So not only were you wet but often cold. I can confirm the cane and the slipper stings alot more on wet, cold skin. lol

There's a fine line between "bravery" and "stupidity" and I think that would have crossed the line. It wouldn't have been unusual to get it bare, that's how we got it at home, often in front of our own and each other's brothers. The only times we got it bare at school was like you, in changing rooms if we'd been caught messing about in the showers or any time we were undressed. We didn't have to wait like you though, we had to bend over and have it right away. Having been slippered over a wet swim suit, I know how much it stings.

That 'sting' of the slipper and in my case the cane, over wet skin send shivers down my spine. I can still remember the sensation and as you know it wasn't a pleasent one!
Suppose I only got it about 3 times like that, but that was enough to etch it in my memory. What always surprised me was the size of the slipper. It was huge by anyone's standards and obviously didn't belong to anyone at our school whether teacher or pupil. I think the teachers must have gone out of their way to obtain these 'oversized' plimsoll's and they certainly made good use of them. I was also slippered by other teachers who used a variety of slippers that they had obtained probably from the school lost property box. One slipper used by our history teacher had a rigid sole, either by design or because the rubber had gone hard from over use or age. That slipper, because it was less flexible, stung the most and left long lasting bruises. Never enjoyed the bruising from the slipper as it covered a much larger area, the cane was ok for whilst it bruised when used hard it was more localised. I was obviously a very picky child when it came to my punishment implements. lol

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Firstly, i hope you write more of your experiences as they are very interesting.<br />
The cane was never given anywhere but in the Headmasters study. I only saw/heard of a few boys ever being slippered for not running the cross country route properly. Most of the teachers didn't seem that bothered.<br />
Games and PE was always an invitation to get the slipper. PE shorts offered no protection at all. Being slippered was always an occupational hazard. One teacher would have you bend over the wall bar and take a long run up to slipper you. Absolutely killed. Our PE teachers would slipper you coming out of the showers if they felt you hadn't had a proper shower or had caught you playing about.

I will write about other experiences, there are a lot to choose from. I'm not sure if the PE mistress was all that concerned about us running cross country or if she just saw it as an opportunity to slipper a few more backsides. We gave her ample excuse by our behaviour though by treating PE lessons (what she probably saw as a "proper lessons" ) as a complete joke - just an opportunity to skive. It's not that difficult for a teacher to keep an eye on a few square metres of classroom but her "classroom" was a few hectares and we were just taking the P. She needed to be stricter than other teachers because of that.

That was a narrow escape, well from a caning. lol<br />
<br />
Can I ask, do you think that the punishments that you got had the desired effect? Ingnoring all other aspects, that are sometimes associated with school punishments, if you did something wrong you got punished whether it be belted, slippered or caned, but did it stop you doing wrong again. The punishments certainly hurt, and they were meant too, but the fear of them never stopped me doing things that I knew would end up with me being caned. I didn't want to be caned but I carried on regardless. With your experiences, you knew that if you got caught taking a short cut you would be slippered or caned, if caught smoking, but you did it all the same. <br />
<br />
In my case there was one certain teacher and the headmaster that I did fear as to be caned by them was a painful experience but the others...........well I knew I could take the punishment with less distress. Don't get me wrong it hurt a great deal but I just accepted the degree of pain. <br />
<br />
I never wanted to be punished, well not at school that is, so I tried not to get caught, but sadly for my bottom's sake I did............far to frequently. lol

I have several narrow escapes like that. It's almost like someone (my Guardian Angel?) was keeping an eye on me.

Whether they had the desired effect depends of what effect was desired. They didn't stop me doing the things I wanted to but, over the long term, they helped improve my behaviour and to take responsibility for myself.

Although corporal punishment usually very effective with girls (much more so than with boys) in the short term it can appear to have the opposite effect. Although I wouldn't call myself a masochist, I did get quite a thrill waiting to be slippered or caned, especially if my boyfriend or, to a lesser extent, others would be watching. My friend, Debbie, would sometimes deliberately earn herself a slippering to, as she put it "give the boys a thrill". Quite often, I got roped in too.

That's interesting. I know that I was guilty of 'playing to the crowd' as being on the receiving end of a punishment earnt you a degree of notoriety. I think my desire to be punished, at school age, was more latent than today but I am sure that sub-consciously I engineered a far few slipperings and canings. A female friend of mine admits openly that she got deliberately punished by certain female teachers because she had a schoolgirl crush on them. She was also a bit of an exhibitionist. lol Her's was an all girls school so she couldn't 'thrill' the boy's. What started off for her as a mix of punishment, tinged with pleasure, was the begining of her bi-sexual tendancies. It was the opposite at my all boy's school as we all tried to act very manly and brave in taking our canings etc. Any sign of weakness, including crying for that matter and you certainly lost creditability. We had it drummed into to us for all canings 'take it like a man'. My god, that was hard to do at times but what are you to do when you have an audience! lol

I'm something of an exhibitionist but not as much as my friend Debbie. I know she deliberately got herself (and often me) slippered just for the hell of it. She got worse as we got older. In 6th form, she'd say she hadn't done her homework, when I knew very well she had because we'd done it together. Then she'd give me a look as if to say, "come on then, it'll be a bit of fun" so I said I hadn't done mine either. That saw us both out to the front, skirts up over a desk having a slipper bounced off our backsides.