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Cau Chin

i went to see the buddist monk Cau Chin...i had heard about him and that everything he said usually comes to be true...he told me when i love, i love 100%...when i hate, i hate the same...he told me i needed to pray more...he said i will live until im 83 and live a happy life...he said spoke of things that i dont want to share but they were true...he told me my Grandmother watches over me all the time and that she is happy to be where she is...i went to him a second time and he said all the same things...i went to him a third time and looked at me and said, why are you here...go home, live life and be happy...nothing will change that i havent already told you already...he doesnt claim to be anything and he doesnt expect any can donate for his causes if you want to but most gifts that are given to him, he will give back to the people that go see him...i never paid anything and he never asked for anything...i so want to go

dignus101 dignus101 26-30, F 10 Responses Nov 11, 2008

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Yeah you are ******* taker loser.

I have just been introduced to the idea of going and seeing him, my coworkers have been blown away after sitting with him. I think with the people who got different responses, you have to understand that any time you see him, his "predictions" are based on the here and now, and a moment can change your entire future. Life is fluid. BUT, if you continue on the path in life that you were on when you first see him, his predictions wont change. I for one am looking forward to seeing what he reads in me.

He said some of the same things, I will meet my 'soul mate' soon she'll be born in 1978 and name starts with a B. Started to ask questions but didn't give me time to asnwer before he answered them. "Where's your mother, she's sitting here and proud of you and I look like her(which people have said in the past), where's your grandfather..he's here and smiling, where's your father he'll be healthy soon...where's your brother/sister yadda yadda". Didn't add extra brothers or sisters I didn't have. I need to watch my driving in October, and I'll lose weight soon and then he proceeded to hit me 4-5 times in the stomach...then he said I need to stop worrying so much and grabbed me by my head and gave a few shakes. <br />
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Very odd ball experience...I saw another psychic a few weeks ago, which creeped me out even more as she knew names she shouldn't have known but said similar things of my future. I mentioned it to someone and they told me about Cau Chin so I thought I'd go for a "second opinnion". Shall see what happens.

hey i was wandering what other psychic you went to, im guessing it was in houston. i'd like to go to one besides cau but i dont know whos legit or not

She was in NY, sorry...was up for vacation and a friend mentioned her.

So what psychic is this? I be only met one psychic in my life that knew what he was talking about.

My husband and I went today. It was a bit generic, but then some things made sense. I'm to live to 89. I need to be careful driving next year in January and February. I've had an unhappy time, but the future looks happy. I should come into money around 54-56. One daughter looks like my dad. One looks like my husband. This is true. One needs to clean her room and is a bit lazy. I need to do less for my kids and be more disciplined with them. I need to be patient, learn to forgive, and learn to forget. I spend then am tight. I am gossipy and have a gossipy friend. What woman is not all this? I'm going to have 5 grandchildren.<br />
<br />
My husband we assume is to live to be 65. He stopped talking at 65. He'll have a happy life. He's too quiet and very smart. <br />
<br />
We love too hard. We are too emotional. We'll take a long trip this summer.

I saw him and he told me the year I was born, I have three daughters and who each of them took after and was spot on!! I am like my father and the same generic love hard, hate hard, most of us do! He told me my best friend was pregnant, she was, gave me a name of a friend who was worrying about something told me tell her not to worry, called her she hadn't slept due to worry, he was right. Good advice on the divorce I was going through at the time.Told me that if I was alright my kids would be alright, true. Thinking of going back as its been a while. I have a friend I took to see him and he died of cancer at 42, couple of years after he saw him, don't think he mentioned that but possibly because it would have been hard to deal with. I think he is a kind man who certainly has a gift.

i went to see him numerous times and he told me different answer for the same thing! then he told me some things that i was very happy to hear, however no of them happened, he told me i would met my soulmate and his name would be Shaun, then the next time his name was Michael, then he said he name would start with a K, lol, and he told me that my job would be long term and i got laid off, then the next time i went he told me i would go to 3 interviews and on the 3rd i would get the job....I have gone on way MORE than 3 interviews and no job propects yet :( i do not doubt he has a girft, however i do not think he is always right!

I saw him three times. He said I was to win a huge fortune. Buy a new car and a new house. Travel America. Remarry my exhusband and have a baby with him. He told my two things only God and I knew. He said I was going to be touched by an angel. <br />
<br />
The first time I saw him the money thing was the third thing he said. The second visit it was the second thing he said. The visit the other day, well this time it was the first thing that came out of his mouth. Wow!!!!!!!

people, he has a social responsibility to say generic things and not focus on facts for those who he doesnt believe can handle the truth. what would you do if you cant handle being told when you were going to die, or a car accident was going to leave you mangled. he says generics at the beginning of the reading and never tells anyone when they are going to die, he says 80's for everyone. once you have developed a closer relationship with him and he feels like you can handle the full truth and handle it, im sure he would answer questions like whne you will die etc. use your brains and stop being so critical and simpleminded.

hmm ok he told me the EXACT same thing as well, but I dont remember the exact age I know it was in the 80's, he said when I love I love hard and when I hate I hate hard, and that my grandmother watches over me as well, I went a second or third time and he told me not to come back(lol) to pray more??, Im still waiting for my husband that I was suppose to meet in 2009, engaged by 2010 amd married by 2011???

he told me the same thing!!! except i will live 88 years, is he lying??