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Daddy Daughter Discipline

I have many fantasies about spanking. I think my favorite scenario is when a father decides he must discipline his teenage daughter. (I would never, ever do this to a child or my dad, but it is a hot fantasy to "act out" with substitute family members).....He strips her down and makes her present her arse high to him for punishment as the naughty girl is humiliated. He is disciplining her for a sexual infraction, perhaps because he caught her ************ in public or having sex, so he decides it is necessary to punish the offender, those sweet ***** lips and ****, for the first time.

She is horrified and humiliated at the thought of having her father's eyes on her exposed, naked, behind, he might see her shaved *****! He bends her over a chair back and lifts her skirt as he lectures her. "I don't want to, but YOU have forced me to do this...." He then jerks down her thongs and removes them completely, leaving her bare bottom and hairless ***** completely exposed to his curious eyes, and leaving her completely humiliated!

"You've shaven every hair off of the thing without getting permission from me first?!?" He then forces her feet far apart, and tugs angrily at her ***** lips, stretching them painfully apart upon inspection for cuts or abrasions from the razor. "Don't you ever do a thing like this again before asking for my permission first, do you understand me young lady??? You could have cut yourself. That skin is too tender!" Brought to tears through humiliation, she agrees through loud sobs. "This act alone infuriates me and is reason enough to take you over my knee! Just look at this thing, look at it!"

Daddy takes out his cat-o-nines and begins to punish her young, pouty ***** lips. His first aim lands directly where he wanted it to land, on the sweet, soft ***** skin. She dances with pain but cannot get away. Eventhough he is so angry, he is also startled that he finds her ***** to be such a turn on, she is, after all, his own daughter. Never-the-less, he stares at her open ***** as he lands the second stroke, and the third, and fourth on her dancing crotch. He eventually turns her over and spreads her legs, opening her **** again for his eyes to inspect.

He secures her legs and duct tapes her ***** wide open so her **** will stay open for the rest of her punishment. Her ***** hole is now visible to daddy. Again he takes aim, again he hits his target, her erect ****, her open ****, and it even manages to go into her ***** hole, which contracts closed, and then opens with each of his well placed strikes. Closed and then open, almost like the naughty little thing is winking at him! She continues to dance, trying to avoid the next impact and save her *****. Daddy's **** has now grown super hard as he demonstrates his obvious domination of this female.

He gives her a break from spanking and he rubs the red areas with his hands to help the pain. Every part of her ***** is hot and very wet to his touch! He notices her ***** juices are flowing for him. They both smell her feminine smells as they fill the air. Again she is humiliated but can do nothing about the tell-tale scent that fills her daddy's nostrils. He takes a rough shop rag and lovingly wipes her open ***** clean for her, cleaning in between all of her grown ***** folds, with extra care to examine and clean out her ***** hole, like he did when she was a baby. Again she is humiliated by her father cleaning her adult ***** out for her, but he does it out of love and then he places a small kiss on the reddened offender, her ****, out of love.

And out of love, as much as he hates to, he must finish the discipline so she will be a better person. He begins the punishment again. This time with his hand. Daddy spanks her open ***** several times, slap,....slap,.... slap....on her erect ****. The harder he slaps it the more erect it becomes. It actually pokes into his hand. Her juices are flowing once again, and going down her legs. 50 hard slaps to the **** and **** should finish her up! Unfortunately sometimes his swing is so strong and the sopping ***** is so wet that his large finger misses and enters hard & deep into her tight **** hole. He is surprised and happy that it has entered and shocked that it feels so damn good to him, it is hot and very tight around his finger. She jumps away at the thought of her fathers large, rough fingers deep inside of her. She becomes angry and stops crying long enough to scream, "Take your damn finger out of my vagina!" Oh, not a good idea to scream at daddy while you are in such a vulnerable position little girl!

For punishment he decides he will give her a brutal finger *******. He starts to finger **** his own daughter with tremendous force. He goes deeper and deeper as she cries and begs him to stop! One finger will hardly fit, but what better punishment than forcing two? He slaps two fingers deep inside in a rhythmic pounding. She continues to try to dance away, but her movement only makes doling out the punishment that much more fun. Her tight hole squires all over his hand.

When his **** can no longer stand it he pulls his huge daddy **** out and slams it deep inside her tight **** as she begs him to stop. He tells her to shut up and that he didn't want to, but she has forced him to behave in such a manner. After ******* his daughter for what seemed a very long time he demanded that she now *** on his fat daddy ****!. "No, I will never come like this", she cried through tears. He ****** her wet **** harder and harder until the punishment seemed more like a reward, she seemed to be enjoying her dad's anger. She could not hide it, her ***** let the secret out with all of her juices to tell the story. "COME NOW!" he demanded, and she came all over her daddy's huge ****, screaming in pleasure like a little *****. He finally withdrew it dripping with daddy/daughter juices and made her lick it clean because all of this was her fault in the first place.

He smacked her **** 20 more times for being so bad, untied her and let her up. He demanded that she apologize for ************ in the car and for being such a naughty girl. He also demanded that she thank him for teaching her such a valuable lesson. She stood there in front of him, her swollen **** dripping with her daddy's juices, wiping her tears and apologized for being such a naughty girl. She then thanked him for the discipline and making her arse, **** and deep inside her vagina so well punished and red.

He allowed her to walk slowly upstairs to begin the final part of her punishment, the cool down phase. She was not allowed to dress. She walked slowly, nude, up the stairs, her wrists now taped to her ankles, her well punished ***** lips still open, exposing both holes, in full view of her satisfied father as she slowly climbed each step. She stood, bare arsed, grabbing her ankles, in the corner for the next hour. Part of the punishment was that she could be seen as people walked by on the street.

She heard the back door open and slam shut. It was time for her brothers to come home, one 18 and the other 12 and they always had a small group of friends with them. How completely humiliating! They had never seen a nude female before, and she was their sister! She tried to leave the room but they entered before she could leave the corner. They thought they had seen heaven before them when they saw her standing in the corner. They had always been curious, and now they couldn't take their eyes off of their sister's beautifully reddened *****! The team suddenly walked in behind them.....

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Mmm ... such an imagination ... and details! Made me hard. Wish you were that teen girl, and I your daddy.

write more I cant wait for what happens next

I am female and this turns me on so ******* bad... i want more... so ******* good

**** it's very intense..just got really wet

**** I just orgasmed to this ****

Very intense.. well done..

Very erotic, and while not to that level in some things, i have woman in counseling who had somewhat similar situations and to this day it shames them that the thoughts arouse them.

omg! I am so wet.Is that wrong for a woman, grown woman, to be so turned on by such a story?

Excellent writting, you have obviously thought about this senario often and i assume you would love to be the daughter.<br />
I have never punished anyone in this manor but i must say it is a huge turn-on knowing that there are women out there in this day and age who do wish for their punishments to turn sexual. I look forward to reading more and would be honoured if you would add me as a friend.<br />

I am female and in my relationship we almost always play that he is my father when we have sex. really ****** up i know, and I have no interest sexually in my real father, but it's just the idea of power/discipline/protection all combined that does it for me. sometimes we pretend he's punishing me because i wore clothes that were too sexy... sometimes we pretend he's taking my virginity because i'm curious.... we have had lots of sexual fantasies and playacting but for some reason we always come back to this. i love to be dominated and punished... i am a pretty strong woman in regular life but in bed for some reason i love to be controlled.

Excellent stuff!!

Absolutely splendid! What a very very naughty daughter!

very sexy etory , tnx

wonderful- thanks

Damn, that was HOTT!

can you add me or change your settings?

good one

Hmmm...either way I'm a lucky girl! I just wonder what subject you are going to teach me. ;)

Thank you for taking the time to read it sir. And I'm sorry for making such a grave mistake. If I promis not to do it again will you go lightly on me with those fingers?