Wedgie That Hurt!!!!!!!!!

I was walking over to my girl friends house who is the head cheerleader of are school. I am going over her house cause are parents are out of town.. Well when i got there my girl friend got me a soda then said, a bunch of my friends are coming over ok? I was fine with it atl least 20 people around the house all girls. Well later that night my girl friend jenifer said lets play truth or dare so we all go into a group but of course i got dared for everything cause i was the boy. the last dare was from my girl friend. They were to give me an wedgie and i was kinda scared well there was 20 or more of them so all of them grab my briefs and pulled over my head then one of them got a rope......... they put it through my leg holes and tuck tape my legs and hands together. They we went out side and they hooked me on a tree. i was embarised badly then one of the girls let me down then pulled my gym shorts down that was the worst!!!!!!!! i stood there froozen for 5 miniuts then finaly i pulled up my gym shorts and then my girl friend said she was sorry. But i didnt say it was ok. So resault another wedgie over the head then finally i said its ok then they posted some pictures on facebook
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2 Responses Aug 16, 2011

What kind of undies stretch far enough to go all the way up to your head without tearing? And without causing serious injury to your family jewels? I would think you would have needed hospitalization.

what a horrible girlfriend you have. Seems like she acts differently when her friends are around, trying to impress them. She let you get physically bullied THEN cyber bullied all for jokes. hahaha so not funny, i bet you didnt think it was funny either. Tell her she needs to get her priorities right.