John Waters: Genious

I had always wanted to see John Waters' film, "Hairspray". I'd known all about it. Even have a book on the play production. So, when they said they'd be coming out with a remake of "Hairspray", I knew I had to watch the original so that I could go see it guilt-free. I rented it last night... and watched it at around 11:00 pm... At 1:00 am this morning I was dancing around my living room while the credits were rolling on my new favorite John Waters film (though, I still love Crybaby!). It was awesome. I absolutely loved the movie... I could see myself being Tracy.... but I don't "fit" the part.. =[ .... but I was born a protester and I am all for everyone's rights. I could've definitely been Penny. I love the movie. And I love the take on integration in the movie. It had me shouting along with them, and getting angry when they refused the blacks on the show. We are all people just the same. And, in the end, you'll have to watch and find out!! Please do!! Awesome movie!! I loved it!!!
PoeticRejection PoeticRejection
22-25, F
Jul 4, 2007