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So, my new roommate came home today with a couple movies and some popcorn.  One of the movies was the documentary about Evangelical Christians in America called "jesus Camp".  Since I have had some pretty questionable experiences with christians and their religion, I was quite interested in watching this. I was not prepared fr the horrors that flashed in front of my eyes.  I may as well have been watching footage of children in Nazi Germany.  Rooms full of young children, being told they are evil, they must do this THING, accept this "god" into their lives or burn forever in hell.  Tears ouring fromm the eyes of innocent, beautiful children.  Kids want to fit in.  So when oe child tearfully wanders to the alter mumbling about how they want o be saved, several more follow suit, until the entire mob is sobbing and weeping, hand upward, maniacally praying in "tongues". 
these children are being told global warming is not real.
these children are being told that different is wrong.
these children are being brainwashed by fear into believing a religion thaat is, at best, a fantastic novel, and, at worst, a nearly world wide cult.
And these children are the future.  These children will one day be able to undo the good that has been done in this country and do it in the name of god.

i wanted to yell scream kick puke all of it.

fir many years i was in a group called Believers Because.  A non denominational christian choir.  we would put on little plays and take a two week trip to spread the gospel through song and dance..   at the young and impressionable age I was, i didnt realize they were training me to be judgeental, hippocritical, backstabbing anf weak.  they didnt want me t believe in my own self, my own strength, they wanted me to "let go and let god".  What a horrible thing to teach a child.  What a way to leave them feeling helpless.

and confused.

and addicted to cocaine so many years later.

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I agree, it's disgusting.

Needless to say, religion is not something to be presented to children as fact. I made a group because I felt so strongly about this, "I think god should wait for R18". How can we continue to lie to children with fairy-tales and nightmares they have no choice but to believe (When from the mouth of a respected adult). <br />
The psychological damage when the kids finally see that their parents aren’t the only ones claiming to be right about their ‘god’ and the pain of having to question old beliefs…old soft comfortable beliefs.<br />
Religion is flawed from the beginning, automatically condemning everyone who doesn’t subscribe to your thinking, its easy to say “I won’t convert you” But it’s not as easy to say “I don’t think you’ll burn in hell” Because they do, they all do, and it’s a shame they have to believe that to feel special. If the great American empire falls, it will be because they just won’t stop with the god crap…and even then I think the cities would remain strong as atheists see the stupidity of their countrymen as debilitating and seek to separate themselves. Civil war anyone? <br />
Mass ignorance will keep the future bleak and violent.

I am sorry you had this experience , but fortunatly not all Christians are like that. I am a christian , i smoke cigarettes, I have done some horrible things in my past and i am not proud of it. No it is not ok to smoke only because it is killing my lungs, i choose to though, just like some pastors choose to teach or preach hell fire and brimstone. i was fortunate enough to be taught that God doesn't see me in sin He sees me through the blood of christ. I had a great teacher and not only that i am not afraid to pick up my Bible and look for myself of what the Word says. I can't tell you or anyone else that i am perfect because i know that i am not. i also cant tell you that you are wrong because I know that alot of churches have it wrong, but I can tell you that i know that i know that i know that god loves me and i him and that is all that matters. We are not to keep our eyes on man, All of us fail, all the time, that is the sweetness of salvation, that no man has the right to judge me, and when i am corrected it is the Holy spirit that does it and not a man. It is pretty sick that God gets blamed for something that man does on there own,and that the enemy is given the reins to twist every beautiful word that god freely gave us.