Butterfies and Moonbeams,fairy Tales That's All She Ever Thinks About

I actually saw Hendrix three times,the first time at Regis College field house,Feb. 14,Valentines Day,1968.That was a pretty good show,he burned his guitar!Red Rocks was awesome,if you've never seen a show there you should definitly go,it's near Denver if you don't know.Vanilla Fudge opened the show and I thought they were pretty good but Hendrix of course just blew them away.When he came on,it was like he controlled the weather.The sun went down,the moon came up and the wind began to howl!I was flyin pretty high myself,STP I found out later.That was in October,'68 I think,then I saw Hendrix again at the "Mile High Pop Festival" in the summer of '69 at the old Mile High Stadium.That was the last gig of The Jimi Hendrix Experience,Hendrix never again played with Noel Redding,the bass player though he did go on to play with Mitch Mitchell who I consider one of the great rock drummers.People were breaking down part of the fence and trying to crash the concert because some people in those days had the weird idea that all music festivals should be free.The cops responded by tear-gassing them,the tear-gas then wafted out over the crowd causing most of them to start rioting.The inside of my nose was scabbed over for a month!Those were the days!

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That's pretty amazing, those were the days to be alive, that's for sure!