This Movie's a Real Tearjjerker

Well I thought i'd open up a new experience and share with you lovely readers as to reasons why I am the way i am today. Once you get stuffed into this lifestyle for some its IMPOSSIBLE to get out, BRAVO to the one's who do, i sure sympathize to the one's who don't, because as the saying goes "Welcome to my life"   If anyone has ever seen this particular movie, and they've had a similar experience or still dealing with it this movie will make you ball your head off or possible throw your tv out the window.  The first time i seen it, i cried and my younger brother who was also watching it ( 8 years younger than me) he got up and left the living room, both having a rough life related to most of the events that happened in this film, neither of us enjoyed it emotionally, but in reality it hit so close to home and does go on in the world to some very innocent individuals,  i had to watch it to see its ending, hoping that would be the same for me, unfortunately not.  The same organization ruined my life, and are still doing it today, creating a life of grief for me, and for some reason all the blame is sitting in my lap because i can't get a grip on all the accusations and lies that have floated around about me from their malicious minds, altering my life to being without my children.  This went on with all 4 of them, now that i have no underage children in my life, funny this organization isn't the thorn in my side they've been for the past 37 years, but my reputation they put pretty much 6 feet under still stands.  If you love movies that are based on true stories, which this one was go see the movie "Ladybird Ladybird" have a good cry like i did, though i'm not sure how it'll effect a person who hasn't been around that sort of stuff all their life, i own the movie and everytime i see it.. I CRY....lately since i feel so down and miserable i haven't been watching it tho.  Well i'll just sit here putting my heart pieces through the eye of a needle hoping thing'll change for the better.  Take Care and God Bless.


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1 Response Apr 23, 2007

I could not begin to understand the pain you have endured for something we are all guilty of, bad choices. If the world and it's systems are so egotistical that they are not willing to offer chances of redemption, then we are a lost people living within a lost society! Yes it is true some parents don't deserve to raise their children, but if the evidence is only past and present who's really contributing to mentally, and emotionally disturbed children who eventually grow into adults. Where and who are offering 2nd chances? Even God forgives us in our rejection towards Him, not only giving 2nd chances but multiple chances. I pray for your situation as well as others to get better and someday find peace. I ask one thing though, please do not watch ladybird anymore seeing that it does not provide healing but pain. Look forward with great expectation that truly one day you will be reunited with your babies and no man will separate the bond that will develop from that point on. Love you n may Jesus shine His light of love,peace,healing,n joy upon you,your brother, and your entire family!