The Skrulls, Yes

I went by myself to see it the first weekend and left the theater before the credits started so I would be in the crowd. I went a second time, the second weekend, with a friend. We stayed until the very end of the movie and credits and extras. So the second time around, I saw the little bit right after the final scene. I am so excited for another installment from Marvel. The alien at the end, the big guy in charge was a skrull, could be the Super Skrull. The Secret Invasion story line from Marvel introduced me to so many other great story lines. So when I was reading the Secret Invasion, I thought, that would be a good movie. So many Super Heroes, not knowing who to trust!!!
I am super excited now to see if they continue with this and create the Secret Invasion with Skrulls. SO EXCITED!!!!!!
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1 Response May 13, 2012

Omg, I know I want to see what happens