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Naked Picnic

My family was very straight and was not into nudism. I used to go naked when they were not at home. I would love to lie naked in the back yard in the full sun. I think my sister caught me a few times but never said anything to the folks. My Aunt was into it and would let me get naked whenever i stayed at her place. She got me introduced to the nude picnics. My first one was so incredible and i had to relieve myself to get my errection to go down. I was so hard from seeing everybody naked, especially my Aunt who had a great body.As I said earlier it was not the first time I had seen her naked as she would let me go nude at her house and often joined me but that is another story. After comming back from what i thought was a secluded areawhere i had relieved my hard **** my aunt called me over to the group she was with.
They were sitting around a large picnic table and i can remember eyeing all the gorgeous breast on the women including my aunt. I sat next to her as i didnt want her catching me looking at her in front of the other adults. They were all talking about haveing some games after lunch and my aunt leaned over and whispered its ok and there is no need to be embarassed. I looked at her and she smiled and said she had been watching me and that all the guys do it the first time. She had her hand on my leg and was gently rubbing it. She then went back to talking to the others but kept rubbing my leg. She would look down every now and then, smile and look away. I had gotten so hard and didnt know how i was going to get up when they went to play. A few of the guys set up a volley ball net about 30 ft from where we were sitting and most of the group got up and went to play. My aunt stood up and was talking to another woman and turned and said she was going to join the game. She had a sexy body and kept herself smooth. As she walked away the othe woman sat beside me and took over from where my aunt had stopped but she went further.
She slid her hand up my leg and cupped my balls in her hand. It felt so warm and i though ti was going to *** there and then. She started to stroke me very slowly. she spread her legs and i put my hand on her thigh. she guided my hand to her groin. unlike my aunt she was not smooth but trimmed. i played with her ***** lips and showed me where she wanted me to rub. as i did she stroked me untill i coulnt hold back and she got faster. she was moaning softly and started pumping my ****.She was moving on the bech seat and my finger went inside her. At that point she gripped me tight and pulled, I started to *** and she went crazy pumping me. My *** was on the seat and under the table. I was scared the others would hear her as she was moaning and moving. She kept stroking me untill i had nothing left . She put some of it on her ***** and sat there for a while befor going and joing the group. I sat there totaly spent, my **** still throbbing from her intense stroking.
larrydownunder larrydownunder 56-60, M 12 Responses Apr 29, 2011

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very hot story!

While frowned upon, sexual activity does go on at nudist resorts and camps. Probably the percentage is no more that at a non-nudist venue. The rule is be discrete.

Very hot! Lucky guy

WOW. I never had that kind of attention as a teen. In fact, I haven't had that kind of attention at any picnic! Would you add me?

Very nice!

I like your kind of picnics...I wish I had been invited to one too when I was a teenager!

wow I think I am as hard as you were that is so hot!


VGday well wish my aunt had friends like that hell what a day how old were you ?

Now that's a picnic!

Awesome story!

I would love to join you for a picnic, just love reading your stories, would love to chat sometime if you wish