My Naked Aunt

I was a 13 year old boy when my parents passed away , so I went to go live with my aunt who was 36 at the time. She helped to take care of me ever since I was a baby so she gladly accepted me into her home.We were very close and she was really sexy. Her house was not very big though. There were just 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. The house was just the right size for 2 people. Her bathroom was very big. It had a very large counter, a 2 person hot tub, and a separate walk in shower with a clear door.
After about a year, she decided to start going to the gym. I was 14 and she was 37 at this time. She invited me to join her so I did. We went to the gym early in the morning before her work and my school started. After we were done at the gym ,we would go back to her home to relax and get ready. Since there was 1 bathroom, we had to use it one at a time. Each of us would always use the hot tub for a bit then take a shower. I would always go first and she would go second. She also had rule where we had to get ready in the bathroom; put on any creams or lotions that we had, dry up and get dressed. This was so we wouldn't spill or drop stuff on things outside the bathroom. Also so we wouldn't wet stuff.
One morning after about a week of going to the gym, I was in the hot tub. My aunt slightly opened the door and asked if she could just do some things really fast. she told me that she had been getting to work late everyday because of how we had to wait for each other to finish. I though she was just going to put on her make up so I said go ahead. She comes in and instead of putting her make up on, she starts undressing and proceeds to take a shower. then she gets out and dries herself. She brushes her teeth and puts on her lotion and creams. Then she gets dressed, puts her make up on, and leaves the restroom saying, "I'll be waiting for you to finish".She did all of this in about 5 minutes. I got to see her completely nude almost the entire time though, that made my hormones wild and gave me an erection. She didn't make any eye contact with me or say anything until she left.
That night after we both got back from work and school, she gave me a little talk. She started off apologizing if she made me uncomfortable in the morning. Then she continued on saying that I'm 14 now and she has seen how much I have grown and matured. She knows that I am very respectful towards women. She said it would be good to start seeing a nude women more often to be able to respect the women's body more. She was going to start teaching me how. Then she asked me if starting tomorrow, we could both get ready at the same time. I said okay. After that she added that it would make it easier for the both of us so we don't have to rush in the morning and we used to take a bath together when I was a baby anyways.
The next day after getting back from the gym, we both headed for the bathroom. We undressed at the same time and were both in the hot tub. I got a hard on right way. She saw I was trying to hide but she said it's nothing to be ashamed of. She said I just need to get used to seeing a woman like that to be able to control it better, for the morning I was to look and take in what i saw. After the hot tub, she told me it was time to take a shower. We were both in the shower at the same time. Then we both got out, got ready and dressed, then we left.
That same night, she gave me another talk. She told me that tomorrow morning, I'm going to teach you how a woman's body feels.
So the next morning we were both in the bathroom again. This time she was sitting right next to me in the hot tub. She took my hand and put it over her breasts. She rubbed them with my hand and said this is how they feel. After that we took a shower. This time she said it would be better and more fun if we gave each other a shower. So we shampooed each other and soaped each other's body. When we got out we dried each other off, and she let me rub lotion all over her body. We both got ready and left. After that, she told me we will be doing that everyday from now on. This went on for about 2 hours every morning. This lasted until I went to college at age 18.
We never kissed or did it any of those years, but Those were the best years of my life.

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Where was your uncle when this was going on? This lady sounds extremely hot please describe her.

I wish I had a hot aunt like that. This is a very grey area. She is technically a ********* since you are 13-14 years of age.

Amazing story... Lucky you! Im so horny after reading this

thats really nice,you sure were a lucky guy...good on you!!