Her **** Were All In Display For Me To See....

I was spending summer at my Aunt's house and as I got up in the morning and ate breakfast as usual, my aunt came out in her pink satin pajamas. Not only was this nice because of the sheer material and I could see her hard puffy nipples poking through but because it was so thin. I still wonder if she wore this on purpose. But as she was feeding her dog, she bent over to pour the food in his bowl, I was greeted by her two huge **** just swinging freely, for me to see completely. I was leaning against the counter and next thing I knew (being a teenager) I got hard. Mind you this is the morning time, so when I say hard I mean like raging hard as steel you could break a table kind of hard haha. Well she stand back upright and happened to glance at my crotch since it was at eye level as she got back up and I know she saw it. I am very sure the *** flashing was an accident, but I could see her eyes hesitate for a split second as she saw my 8 inch hard **** straining in my jeans (good thing I wore baggy jeans at the time).
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Take my word for it. When a woman bend over and her breasts come out of a loose fitting shirt or robe, it's never an accident. Just thought you should know.