Aunt Taught Me, Mum Watched

i was very young (around 11 yrs) and was visiting my aunt with my mum, auntie was a nurse about 45 yrs slim short hair not a beauty but ok to look at, on this day she had just finished work, mum and aunt had a cup of tea, then auntie said she wanted to get out of her uniform into comfy clothes, and went upstairs to her bedroom, i followed her i don't know why, i wasn't at all interested in sex at this age ( this was early 60's) and mum said where you going? auntie called down 'oh. let him he has to learn sometime' and up i went, aunty asked me if i was curious about 'girls' i said i was. but really i was more interested in boys stuff cycling tree climbing all that stuff. anyway, she continued chatting about nothing in particular as she stared to change her clothes 'hows school' type of stuff, but as she unbuttoned her dress i sort of started to get interested!!
underneath her dress she had a full slip on, not see-thru but i could see the outline of the bra she had on and thinking back i realised she was wearing stockings and suspenders ( i could see the bumps of the straps) she reached down and with crossed arms gripped the hem of her slip and pulled it over her her head, revealing her tan stockings and her white bra, and large up to the belly button knickers, the stockings were fascinating to me, i think its the naked flesh between stockings top and knickers, anyway, she could see that i was totally interested in what she was doing and showing, haven't you seen your mum like this she asked, no i said, never seen anyone like that!! she smiled you have a lot to learn and a lot of fun to come, she then explained how to undo the suspenders and reattach them, you can try doing it for me if you like she said, still completely fascinated but very embarrassed i blushed to a very bright red but reached forward and attached the stockings enjoying the feel of her naked skin, i was lost in what i was doing and started to stroke her legs from stockings to naked flesh, you seem to have that worked out she said smiling, she took a step back reached behind her back and unfastened her bra she wasn't big busted but she held onto the front of the bra not letting it fall, want to try and clip my bra back up now? i walked around and fastened both hooks and stroked her back, quick learner aren't you? i blushed again, by this time i had a full and bursting 11yr old erection, i had them before but this one seemed bigger and harder than ever before! my shorts were tenting and i am sure my aunt could see, but she said nothing, she then unclipped her bra and slipped it off, nice **** no wrinkles or stretch marks just perfectly shaped boobs and nice nipples, you can hold them if you want she said so. like any boy my age i grabbed them, take it easy she said just cup them and gently squeeze, that's how women like it, so i did, i must agree that liked it better, she took one hand away and said, 'we like our nipples teased too' and showed me what she meant, my god!!! it had gone stiff almost instantly and i teased the other and that stiffened up too, 'we also like them sucked gently' like babies do? i asked remembering my sister when she breastfed, sort of she said i cant show you how but put my nipple in your mouth and i will explain what i like as i did this she said now, flick your tongue across the tip, and then, now suck, and finally, nibble a little, she let out a moan and i stopped thinking i was doing it wrong and was hurting her, don't stop she said you are doing fine, at this point my mum started up the stairs, i didn't stop, i was sure i wasn't doing anything i shouldn't, after all my aunt told me what to do!! my mum put her head around the door saw what i was doing and said to my aunt, did you tell him to do that? of course my aunt said, i told you he needed to learn! i thought you were going to give him the birds and bees talk mum said!! aunty laughed, he will learn better by doing than a talk! well. ok, mum said but that's far enough! ok wont be long aunt said i will just get finished changing, mum frowned but went back downstairs, aunty said before we finish THIS lesson i will show you the rest and slipped her knickers off over the suspender belt and stockings and i stared at her thick pubic bush 'this is what a woman looks like' and this, she said sitting down on the bed is what is different from you and opened her legs and opened her ***** wide, i could see wet hair an opening where the wet was coming from, and this, she said touching herself is my special button pointing to her clitoris if this is touched in the right way it gives me lots of pleasure like when you touch your penis, well, i had never *********** and looked puzzled when she said that, 'i can see you are stiff dont you touch yourself when that happens'? no, i said, it goes down again after about 30 minutes, 'think we should start the second lesson right now'!! do you want me to show you how nice it feels to touch yourself or would you like to learn how it feels to give pleasure? still very shy and if it meant delaying showing my penis i looked down to the ground and just said 'giving' i looked up and she was smiling, ok, step forward between my legs, i stepped in between her legs rubbing against her stockinged legs , now stroke the inside of my legs she said, i did little movements higher she said and i moved my hands higher until i felt the the hair, now just touch me with your longest finger and move it up and down, i did i touched her 'button' and she groaned, she laid back on the bed and her boobs stayed as upright as when she was sitting, now move your finger inside me explore all around, i did i felt stuff i didnt know existed and it felt good!!!! aunty seemed to agree and after about five minutes she shook all over, are you ok i asked? more than ok, you gave me an ****** so quickly!! now its your turn! aunty will show you how it feels, and she pulled my shorts down busting a button and pulled my underwear down too, now that a nice size for your age she said, and immediately a drip appeared out of the tip, my aunt just wiped it off with her finger and put it in her mouth!! aunty!! i said that wee!!! oh no it isnt, it what makes babies!! she turned me around so i was in her lap, i could feel the wetness on my back and she reached around and started to pull on my penis, up and down slowly and it felt GREAT! after this time i heard footsteps on the stairs and again mum put her head around the door there i was being wanked by my mums sister, aunty!!! (i cant use her name here) mum said i asked you to stop! your son has very little knowledge of his own body let alone a woman's, you should be ashamed of his ignorance aunty wasn't shouting but she was telling my mum off! all the time she was still pulling on my penis, mum was watching her do this which gave me an even greater thrill, i suggest you just shut up watch your sister do what you should have taught your son, mum sat on a chair by the door and watched not saying a word, how does that feel she asked me, tingly and lovely i said, well, as your mum is here we will go onto lesson three, she then slipped off the bed and turned me round 'aunty'!! my mum said clearly knowing what was coming next, ' i said shut UP aunty said, and opened and took me fully into her mouth!! it felt fantastic, it only took another few seconds when this wonderful feeling was building up in me and i felt my penis start to twitch and a lovely warm feeling aunty knew what was happening and stopped still with me in her mouth and suddenly i was pumping out 'stuff' i was in ecstasy but at the same time not sure what was happening but i LOVED it!!! aunty swallowed three times, ant took me out of her mouth, you ARE a big growing man she said, lesson four will be the last lesson and i expect your mum to bring you back for that within a week, if you want to she asked me, oh, yes PLEASE aunty!!! whatever lesson four was if it was anything like this i wanted it tomorrow!! 'look at your mum' she whispered, i turned an mum had he skirt up around her waist and she was doing to herself what aunty had me to to her!! 'can i dot that mum i said? NO, mum said as she pulled her skirt down, that wouldn't be right.
Well, if there is any interest i will tell about lesson four, and how it became right for mum so she had to give me a lesson of her own! sorry for the length of my story but the truth often is long
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Tho I didn't have the sexual contact of genitalsld, I had similar experience with my mum. Seeing feeling stocking tops and over a couple of years her boobs. Eventually when 16 she talked to me in her bedroom while getting undressed and asked me to undo her long line bra due to an injured finger. And a few mins of her then changing into slightly see thru nitie asked me to massage her neck. The straps fell off during that and she just carried on saying how good it was while looking at me in the mirror. I am sure she knew I was hard. Few other experiences happened before and after this one

Very nice

you are so lucky

great story... loved it and looking forward to more.

I wish my aunt had been so thoughtful!

Wonderful start to your life,I will re-write my story on Monday, I supose that I wrote under the wrong category and recieved bad reviews. i was around 14 when mom let me **** her for the first time.<br />
So many I said, I will write on Monday.

wow wonderful, am juicey now, what's the next lesson for me?

BTW...we call those "Grandma Panties" here in the U.S.!

Wonderfully told story. Quite the opposite of MY upbrining. Lesson 4 should be very interesting, indeed.

Love too hear more :)