Me And My Aunt

It was this past weekend (June 4-6 2011) My parents went out of town and my aunt was over to babysit me and my brother and sister, but mainly my brother and sister, there 11. So my parents left friday and she came over friday night so I could go out. My aunt is single, shes like 42 I think, great body, blonde, 5'6, fantastic ***, and good size **** too. She never tried to exploit herself like wear revealing shirts or high skirts or anything like that. Just your normal aunt who happened to be very good looking. She loved me ever since I was a little kid. Always adored me and always told me I was her favorite nephew. What made it so hot is that she never showed any sexual feelings toward me. She just always acted like I was so young around her and always wanted to know whats been going on in my life. I had never had any fantasies of her until friday night when she asked me" you would probably be a good judge of this, is my *** big?" Of course I said no but in my mind I was thinking ooooohhhh yess! She replied "oh come on" and started to jump up and down, shake it, even bent over and stick it out. It jiggled so much when she shook it and stuck out beautifully and it got me hard. She kept saying she had a "ghetto" booty and I agreed. That night I went to a friends house chilled had some girls over you know the usual friday night. After the girls left I was about to go to sleep but I couldnt stop thinking about my aunts ***. So I went into my friends bathroom and *********** to her *** and that was that. Next night, Saturday, nothing was going on so I stayed home. My brother and sister went to a friends house for the night so it was just me and my aunt. My aunt was in the shower and I got the idea to go spy on her in the shower. She was in my parents shower and the shower has a glass door and you can see right through it. I opened the bathroom door slightly and could see her, but she didnt notice. She was rubbing her body with soap, rubbing on her **** and her *** and this really got me going. I got hard but didn't **********, just watched. I watched for about 2 minuets as she just kept feeling herself up as if she knew I was there and putting on a show for me. Her *** was so big and the water on her body made her **** and *** glisten. It was beautiful. Her **** were bigger than I thought, maybe a D cup but her *** is what I wanted. I'd kiss, suck, and **** the **** out of it. Then all of a sudden she turned my way and I panicked so I ran. I was worried that she saw me so I just hid in my room. She made dinner and told me to come up for dinner. I was worried she would say something, but didnt. We talked and kept smiling at me in this sexy way so I kept thinking she saw me. It was getting late so went to my room to get some sleep. I started to think about her in the shower and got hard, so I decided to start ************ again. I was about 3 minutes into it when she came into my room and saw me. She gasped and said Im so sorry and went out. I was so ashamed, but then she came back in and sat down next to me in my bed and apologized and understood that I'm a man and thats what we do. She then asked what I was m*sturbating to, which really caught me off guard. I didnt respond and she then said, "was it of me in the shower?" and smiled. She told me she saw me watching her and it turned her on. She then said I had to finish, I couldnt just stop and get blue balls while she was saying that she lifted the covers and saw my hard ****. Im 9 inches 5.5 inces around so it was pretty big. when she lifted the covers it seemed as if I got harder and got bigger. Anyway she was amazed how big it was and couldnt believe it. She said "I havent been with a man in a long time you know?" and started to give me a hand job. It felt so good, I stood up next to my bed and she laid down on her stomach and started to blow me. It felt so good, she blew me for about 3 minutes and I told her I was about to *** and she stopped and said "no no no, not yet my big boy". She started to take her close off and she did a ***** tease for me. As soon as she got undressed I couldnt hold it back so I jumped on top of her and began to make out with her. I began to go lower and suck on her **** and then I began to eat her out. She screamed in pleasure, she then told me to put it in her, so I stuck it in her tight ***** and began ****** her missionary style. I was banging her so hard and she kept screaming "dont stop, dont stop! OMG its so big! keeping ******* me your dirty boy!" I told her I was about to *** again and she again said "no no no, not yet" So I pulled it out and let it sit for a moment, my ****, was pulsing, it was ready to burst. After letting it sit she began to blow me again and she pushed me on my back and started to ride me. She was bouncing up and down and her huge **** did the same. I grabbed them as she bounced. We then went to doggy style and I pounded her tight ***** and she kept screaming my name. I was afraid we'd wake the neighbors haha. I kept ******* her doggy style and she finally came while I was still inside her and it felt so good. She then told me to stick it in her ***. Now I was in heaven. I started slow and she was in a little pain, but then told me to go faster and I did. I went as hard as I could and we were both screaming. She came again and before I came I pulled it out and blew the biggest load of my life all over her ****. She slept with me that night, and in the morning (today) we did a little messing around but nothing more. Shes now back at her house and my parents are home, and cant wait for whats in store for me and my aunt

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It seems aunts are a boy's nearest link to women.


Great story

its funny how all guys on EP always seem to have **** star dicks

Thanks for getting me hot and horny;)

very lucky guy

good tale

great story i always had a thing for my aunts too but never so lucky as you. check out our pics. we yahoo too. would you like to watch me and my wife ****

******* hell u are one hell of a lucky boy to be able to **** your aunty wish i could have seen it

Damn your aunt must have a really nice ***, cool story

wow, hot story, :)