My Busty Mature Aunt

i have caught my aunt naked loads of times when i use to live next door from her window and another time when she was changing
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have/do you watch/catch her as well?

good my dear friend i have ****** my real aunt at my only age of 15 years and she ia that time 45 years old that day i have seduced her 3 times and till now we have sex relations now she is 62 years old.

i would love to, thank you for the encouragements, i would like to chat about it more, and share fantasies, i have been occupied by a stressful life unfortunately recently so i have not had a chance to get back to you, we have been so close to it happening a few times, but not the right time or place, not sure how she will react thou, trying to be careful she comes across as a push over as the years passed by, flirty towards others, which makes me think she has some hidden experiences elsewhere, she can be very affectionate, but not as much nower days, she i think she gets deppreciated by hubby sometimes, she has had a full hysterectomy recently, so her weight is bloated, she has had a lot of stress, she is quite anxious so i conscious of her take things the wrong way, or going too far to quick, but i recently made a confession and told her how i felt about her (by text only way i could tell her at the time) and gave her space to take it in and all that, not had a chance to talk to her about it, but she seems to be acknowledged and respectful. Mutually willing to spend more time together, so its progress, i am just taking one step at a time. i am 25 in october she is 45 she is a size 48g size 18 brunette 5ft5 like my height, im a athletic build. I am a discreet playboy (inactive and having a break from relationships too atm) else where, and have had a fair few relationships young and old. Would like a casual relationship with her. i have years of unconscious upskirts or downblouses, vpls, sat on hubbies groin forgetting i was there, erected nipples in site of other people, caught her naked, caring character, loves dogs, she will do things (in general)on the quiet from hubby, i have got some nice pics of her to share, keep the comments coming