Bathing With My Aunt

This happened when I was 11.My aunt had came to stay with us for a couple of days.Talking about her she was 45+,fair skinned and had big juicy melons and the big thing was that she was divorced twice and had no children.

That night my parents were to stay out of station to attend a funeral.They left me home with aunt.I was very much excited as that night I had a golden chance of sleeping besides her. Everything was normal till that night.After dinner according to mom's strict instructions aunt sent me to take a bath.I was in no mood to take a bath.So I kept on playing with water for some time.After this aunt knocked the door and came in.She told me that I was supposed to take a bath and not to play with water.So she just poured cups of water on my body and also I applied soap on my body.I was standing still and controlling my erection.But then she accidentally switched on the shower and her whole body got wet.And so she removed her nightshirt and I was still standing in front of her seeing her topless stunning body.She was wearing a micro skirt below.

Her breasts were massive and atrocious.She then saw my erect penis.She gave me a shy smile.I was expressionless.She then gave me a bottle of bath soap lotion and asked me to rub on her back.I didn't know what to do.She then pulled my hand and then put it on my palm.I rubbed it on her back.It was amazing.
She turned around and said"Great Rick now also apply the lotion to my breasts but gently"
"I 'll do good".I said.
Man that night was amazing.I rubbed them softly.She was actually getting an erection when I did that.We then went into the bath tub which in my mother's room was quite big.She removed her thongs and I saw her pubic region.It was hairless.We then used bathing scrubbers on each other.If I was some years elder I would have banged on her.
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It is a nice reading....
My aunt (mom's sister) has been a very strict disciplinarian. let me call her B- mom. In fact I called her mom only. When I lost my mom in an accident, when I was a small boy 5yrs, she only took care of me and nurtured me a son growing up.

She is a lovely lady, very pink and cute in her walk and looks.
Once we were out for a picnic.
We came across a beautiful a country lake. I told mom why not we get a dip into this beautiful lake?
First she agreed then matter-of-factly said, we haven't carried any swimsuits. Anyway she stopped the vehicle and beckoned me to walk down the walkway down to the lake. Mom was in a cheerful good spirit, she pointed her finger to show me a sign board. " Nature is naked. Enjoy nature naturally ."
The billboard suggested only those preferring go nude or for skinny dipping need walking down that area. Mom laughed loudly telling “it seems they welcome us to celebrate your birthday here”.
It was the beginning.

lovely story..really got me hard..good on you

like your story

Onya mate

It sounds wonderful. Quite an experience my friend.