Caught Her Twice

caught her twice

In her early 20s I have accidentally caught my aunt nude for twice, I was like 10 or 10 ½ at that time, once in her bathroom when she was in shower and other time in her room, nude while she was changing into her swimsuit. Both moments were quick and she ended up really embarrassed, trying impossibly to protect her dignity, by attempting really hard to cover her breast with her hand while her legs, squeezing them really tight hiding the something between her legs by the other hand but still I got good look at her nude body both the times, I still clearly remember she was blushing red, she used to keep her pubic hair in landing ***** style exposing her vagina lips. She got a medium size breasts and really pink nipples, flat stomach with a pierced belly button, milky thighs, smooth back and tight round buttock with a tattoo on it, she was totally red with shame
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I guess aunts are boys' window to the adult world. At that age we are seeking nearby answers that biology textbooks are not illustrating.

lol she must of been realy turned on 2 get so embarassed =)