Aunt Naked


I was staying with my aunt in the country. A whole week away from the city. I heard the outside door close and assumed it was my uncle leaving for work. I crept along the landing to the bathroom. As I returned to my bedroom I stopped to peep through the partly open door. My aunt was propped up in bed with the sheet up to her chin reading the newspaper. Her bedroom seemed so fantastic compared with any I’d seen before. As I started towards my own room the floorboards creaked and she called out to me. I pushed open the door whereupon she pulled back the blankets on the other side of the bed and invited me in to read the comic strips. I couldn’t help notice that she was naked as I looked at her from the side. The sheet still clung to her breasts. I climbed onto the bed and she reached over to position the pillows for me. As I settled back she reached out to separate the newspaper and the sheet fell from her ample breasts. I felt my penis stir. Didn’t she realise what affect she had on a fourteen-year-old boy? This would be something to tell my friend Roger. I was always at a loss to match his erotic stories as we *********** together. I took the pages she held out to me and my heartbeat quickened as she put her arm around my shoulders. I pretended to read but my eyes strayed to her breasts. How I wished I was not wearing pyjamas. I could feel her warm body next to mine, my penis was erect. Finally she suggested that it was time to get up. I slid from the bed keeping my back to her so that she did not see the bulge in my pyjamas. I made for the bathroom and after a few strokes ***** spurted from my *****. I splashed water on my face and opened the door. She was waiting for the bathroom now wearing a robe. Her smile was radiant. The day passed slowly. I found myself longing for the morning and the chance to be beside her once more. I slept fitfully and was awoken by the closing of the outside door. I crept out of bed. Sure enough she was still in bed but asleep. I went to the bathroom and then looked down the stairs. The newspaper was on the doormat. I went down the stairs and picked it up. I knocked on her door and she sleepily sat up in bed and stretched. The blankets fell from her breasts as she did so. I took the newspaper to her and waited as she scanned the headlines. “Tom’s away for a couple of days,” she said, ”So there is no hurry to get up. You can look after me until he returns.” I slid into bed beside her. She dropped the newspaper to the floor and put her arms around me. She pulled me to her and we lay facing each other with our bodies touching, her lips caressed my cheek. If she felt my penis against her she seemed not to notice. I pulled my arm from beneath hers and placed my hand on her back. She kissed me and I pushed my body against hers. It was wonderful. “I must brush my hair,” she said. She got out of bed and sat at her dressing table. I examened her naked back and then looked at her reflection in the mirror. Her breasts rose and fell with each stroke of the hairbrush. Our eyes met and I hurriedly looked away. When I looked again she was still looking at me and this time I made no secret of the fact that I was looking at her. I returned her smile. “The human body is nothing to be ashamed of,”she said,” It is only natural for yu to look”. I shook my head when she asked if I’d ever seen my mother naked. She stood up and faced me as she continued to brush her hair. At first my eyes held hers before I let my gaze drop to the hair that covered pubis. “Take a good look,” she said, “ Don’t be shy.” She placed one foot on the bed so that I could see her more easily. “If only you were older….” She said in a strange voice. She placed the brush on the dressing table and opened a drawer. She slipped on a pair of pants and a bra before turning to me and saying that this was our secret. No one must ever find out. With a laugh she pulled off the blankets . I made no attempt to cover my erection. “One day you’ll be a man,” she said,” and then you can experience the joy of sex. Until then you’ll have to do what I do when I’m lonely.” She turned to her wardrobe and pulled out a dress.

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I can't believe she wanted you to wear a dress

mine took me to nude picnics and got me started on it. she was actully my first real sexual partner

i never saw my aunt but she saw me and she laughed as she looked at my penis

well thats pretty crazy i didnt see my aunt but she and my cousin caught me naked in my back yard no one was home so i walked in my yard naked well as i did that my aunt and cousin came to the house and me i heard laughing turned to the laugh and there they were they laughed and my cousin said is it suppose to be that small my aunt said no honey he just has a small penis i was so embarressed i over heard my cousin telling her sister i was 16 i beleive then my cousin were 15 and13 well i over heard my 15 year old cousin telling her sister they laughed then one i was laying in my room naked my 13 year old cousin saw me threw the window and called her 3 friends overthey desided to go inside and walkin on me they did they were laughing and told mdont cover up we like the show my cousin said nina wants to measure it so i let her it was limp still and i was scared so it shrank alittle it was 2inchs they giggled nina said i think it cute she said can i take pics of it i didnt say anything so she just did my lil cousin said can we touch it i still said nothing so they went a head they all took turn i got hard lilly sais he likes this shes my cousin they were all smiles they stroked me till i cam which didnt take long lilly said after that was my first hand job his lil penis shot off alot didnt it i still feel weird about that day .my friends mom when i was 13 walked in on me masterbaing she stopped and stared at me smiled alittle then she said dont worry i seen a penis before . it ok you can continue i just have to grab mike dirty clothes . i actually continued i cam pretty fast cuz she was there she said you clean up dinners soon. as i cam downstairs i heard her and mikes aunt talk his mom told her every thing she said he was stroking his **** when i walked in the aunt said what did you do i told him to finish and he did the aunt said was it big the mom said no it was small maybe 3 inchs i just thought it was funny it was the smallest i ever saw with my own eyes he was really stroking that little thing .as i walked in they hushed then his aunt said when you gonna let me see that little thing i left fast